Ishqbaaz : 7 Times Shivaay Singh Oberoi Transformed As The Best Man Of 2017!


The man thy the name Shivaay Singh Oberoi needs no introduction. Shivaay, the life of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has made the viewers fall more in love with him with every passing day in 2017.

A once upon a time prejudiced man changed for the good, he learnt the tricks of the heart and matters of love.

Travelling on the path to be a better man than what he was yesterday, he takes everyday as it comes.

Being there for his family, his brothers, his wife – Shivaay Singh Oberoi has stood tall as the ‘neev‘ of each and everyone who is close to him.

Without a doubt it can be vouched that in the year 2017 like Shivaay Singh Oberoi has set remarkable benchmarks with his actions and reactions. As the year is nearing its end today as a special feature we are penning down 7 times Shivaay Singh Oberoi stood out as the best man in the year.

So without further ado, here we go.

  1. Promising A Happily Ever After

Shivaay had hurt Anika albeit unknowingly. Pulling her leg about getting old, his playful act gave rise to feelings of insecurity in Anika.

Seeking Anika in privacy Shivaay like a real gentleman, gently explained to his Biwi how she will always be beautiful to him.

Giving her assurance that she is what he wants, needs today, tomorrow and forever, stating she is his timeless beauty, with words dripping with warmth Shivaay told Anika exactly what she needed to hear. And the words he uttered were not just words but he meant them from his heart.


Age no bar she will always remain ‘Khidkitod Khoobsurat‘ – These words from Shivaay to Anika acted as the soothing balm for her aching heart. Equating their future wrinkles to the happiness they would have/ will live, this was him promising her a lifetime of love, laughter and happily ever after.

This was Shivaay Singh Oberoi – A ‘Khidkitod Man’ being there for his forever ‘Khidkitod Khoobsurat’ Anika!

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