Ishqbaaz : After An Indirect ‘Roka’, It Was A Direct ‘Engagement’ For ShivIka!


Shivika’s 4th engagement mubarak to the Ishqbaaz viewers! Since normal is too mainstream we go for indirectly here.

We are talking about Shivay’s indirect roka with Annika and now indirect or rather we should say direct engagement with Annika too!

The pace of redux is now setting well finally after a wait of all these days and the total credit for today’s episode goes to ……Billu Ji and his chantomai level sharp skills!


The Shivay Singh Oberoi, who just a two or three episodes before hardly expressed any emotion or exchanged any words, is now being a devil in disguise and is very cleverly making his direct moves.

Utregi to utarogi na ….

A single line and good two minutes of laughter session was what we were involved in. Slow claps for Billu Ji’s chant stunt.


It’s quite an amazement to see the tactics and tantrums he would have done to keep Annika around but this one took the cake! The man deliberately put the ring on Annika’s finger and is no way guilty about it!

Talk about how time stood still, the lights dimmed and how the soothing melody of ‘tere hath me mera hath ho’, enhanced the esthetics of the entire scene (yeah we know ‘O Jana’ is duly awaited but thank heavens for ‘Tu Jaane Na’ not ringing again at least!).

This is the 4th time Shivika got engaged today on screen yet the beauty and intensity of their emotions remain the same till date.

One can simply not distinguish between any one of the sequences since each one has established its uniqueness in its own way.

To top it all today, even we will not be able to describe the magic that the scene created since Billu Ji has his own dictionary of adjectives today to mention – ‘khoobsurat, bemisaal, something different, unique ….sabse alag’ – All that would be enough to express the sequence in few words. (Noticed Billu Ji’s ‘kahin pe nigahein, kahin pe nishana‘ here?)

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  1. Fuzi ji tusi chaa gaye…..
    As Harneet ji said every week we will get surprise ..same thing is happening..
    What a unique thing.. we all are missing Oh Jaana very badly……….ha ha ha…
    Waiting for next atricle on ishqbaaz..
    One request..
    As now a days episodes are good so can you plz continue daily articles. I am quite missing it…


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