Ishqbaaz – Amidst The Gamers, Fixer And The Helper!

Along with the residents of the madhouse Oberoi mansion, even we are feeling like pulling our hairs with all the fiasco right now.

Well, we have reasons enough! See for yourself then, aap waise bhi nahi sunte humari baat!


1. The ‘Farq’ Gamers –

Seriously, this farq game between the two has totally managed to make our dimag ka dahi!

As Rudy says, Shivika are total tadibaaz and none out of the two would ever bend the knee and express what they feel for real.

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The ‘Back off Anika ‘ and ‘Admit it Shivaay’ persuasion was so strong that the words are still ringing in ears!

The bottom line however is that Shivaay wants Anika to take a step back and confront the whole truth and Anika wants Shivaay to say out loud how he’d wish to make her stay and not go on with the wedding.

But oh well, the shart and the zid are getting in way for now. In short, seedha kahiye ‘I love you’ sunna hai!

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  1. Super article !!

    The best part of the merger is this type of khidkitod brothers scenes which we r getting time to time !!!

    Rudy was blown and beaten yesterday but what a sweet chotta bhai.. he hit two targets with one stone … no three?? Bringing Gauri…because of her relationship with Shivay and Anika … and for the sake of Om !!! Didn he save his both the brothers relationships?? Such a cute brotherly goals !!
    His and Bhavya relationship quotient will also go through changes 😊 …. and his full army will back him !!!

    And what was that Pinky scene !!! With Daadi and Anika !!! She explicitly showed her brutal tongue and language about Anika to Daadi … and her foul mouthed talks with Anika … I believe Daadi may put the coins together and show her Billu his Billi ….

    Can’t wait for oh my mata of Pinky …. it had been stretched for a long time .

    Gauri …. what a shot… with her Candy and with her return …. for the tears she had shed without being at fault … Om should really ask a proper Sorry !!!

  2. Khidkitod article dear, ..farak haq dard shaadi karlo. saari words se tang aa chkui hun..

    Yes one word…Full on Dimag ki dahi…..

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