Ishqbaaz : Anika’s Heartfelt Yearn For Shivaay, But Can Shivaay Set Things Right Before It Is Too Late? – UPCOMING

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Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz is running in a quick pace. The show with its current drama, is keeping the viewers on the edge of the seats.

And looks like the show has more twists in the pipeline. Veer is soon going to arrive at the Oberoi mansion and hold Anika captive, while Shivaay races inside his home frantically calling out for Anika.

Are you biting your nails in anticipation thinking what next? Well let us enlighten you. Veer soon will carry Anika off from her home and drop her in a water tank, menacingly filling the tank with water.

While Anika will lay unconscious in the water tank, the water level starts rising up. Ouch! Scary right? We think so too.

Amidst all this Anika will be calling out to Shivaay in her semi conscious state. Looks like Anika and her heart truly believes in the policy ‘Shivaay sab theek kar dega’.

Only time will tell if Shivaay can hear his Anika’s yearn for him and save her in time before it is too late.

The clock is ticking and you may churn your heads, thinking can Shivaay reach Anika in time, can he not? Can he, can he not?

Will he be able to bring her back to safety? And with these questions thick in the air, the story of Ishqbaaz just got more gripping.

According to producer Gul Khan’s instagram story this is the coming up sequence in the show. The suspense is building up and Veer has surely crossed a line harming Anika.

As a viewer one can only anticipate what Shivaay will do to Veer once he gets hold him, for daring to harm his beloved.

Keep churning your heads and watch Gul Khan’s instagram story below.

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  1. Wow wow wow so so so excited for the upcoming sequence we always know that shivaay sab theek kardega but how this is what we need true love will always find a way #shivika #narvbhi love yu so much


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