Ishqbaaz : The ‘Atrangi Antics’ That Exclusively Define The Sizzling Shivika!


The ardent viewers of the popular show Ishqbaaz must already be familiar with the level of craziness that this beloved jodi of ‘Shivika’ beholds but let us tell you, the certain somethings that are patent to this couple and none other than them, on TV screens yet have pulled it with the equal amount of madness as they do!

Look for yourself below the ‘atrangi antics’ of this amazing duo!

Shivaay And Anika From Ishqbaaz

1. The Name Game –

Usually everyone has an original naamkarann done for themselves which provides for a decent name that the world identifies you from.

On the contrary, there might be another pet name or so by which your loved ones might address you.

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But the couple in scrutiny here is a unique one and they can never get enough without calling each other with bizarre names. For example, it would never be Shivaay Singh Oberoi or Anika but Sadu Singh Oberoi, Shaatir Singh Oberoi Tadibaaz, Bagad Billa or Paanika or Chantomai etc etc.

We can basically publish a thesaurus if we come to write about the names they’ve given to each other during the entire span of the show. And yes, obviously Anika being the creative genius she is, scores the highest here!

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  1. You miss Anika’s unique and trademark chaand bracelet which is always the shivika shipper for Anika and Shivay when they got in a tiff.

  2. Extraordinary Shivikalicious article 😂😂😂👏👏👏
    Will be desperately waiting for atrangi antics of sizzling shivika part 2 😛😛😁😁😊😊

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