Ishqbaaz : Battle Of Baby And The Bros – Gearing Up For Some Babybaazi!


We wouldn’t be surprised if half of you still have the baby’s voice ringing in your ears or if the baby hangover is still lingering from the episode.

Since it was too adorable to be missed, we are here again to rewind the current zone with the baby and Obros’ halo around and let’s quickly have a look at the tremendously maddening events –


1. Who’s The Daddy ? –

With that cutie patootie lying in the basket, witnessing Obros figuring out the baby’s father was a sight to behold.

The expressions in each second were just too perfect to make anyone hold their stomach as one would die laughing.

Prolly Rudy’s intelligence was top notch considering his logic behind the reasons for Om or Shivaay being the father! The boys were pretty quick to have picked up Anika’s language though!

With Rudy’s khidkitod calculations, we are pretty sure that these boys are far from figuring out the real dad. How about we count the probability a little?


Omkara – Although he was in a live in relationship with his girlfriend and the chances are the highest that way but we assume that this sanskari prani is far from touching a woman without a commitment as his moral grounds are too high for that level. Look at his record with Gauri to believe that!

Rudra – Poor Rudra must be having a good number of girls in his list but only to have failed later on. His phooti kismat has been way too bad to have even a normal girlfriend at once.

Shivaay – Although looking at the track record of Billu ji, the man seems to be very rangeela, but after witnessing his relationship with his wife for entire year, we can damn surely say this man’s hormones still need to erupt to the fullest, so him being the father is totally out of option!


P.S:- When the baby cried out for the first time, needless to say, the trio gave out the best expression possible on planet earth to give out the message that they were horrified and tired. For a change, the great wall of SSO was being pacified by his tiny brother Rudy!


And the great Nandi Bail was on the verge of tears! Ohh those were the sight that Anika and Gauri definitely missed!

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