Ishqbaaz – When Brigade In Black Gears Up For Some Action!


The mystery of Kalyani Mills is spicing up the current track in the show and tonight saw a few revelations in regard to the same.

First and foremost, the whole facade of Abhay being an Oberoi through the distant cousin relation and the story about his father being fired from the rightful Oberoi empire, was a bit hard to digest.

Putting aside his reason for despising the Oberois, the fact to be worried about is that the Oberois have a new enemy again and the way he plans to shake the foundation of Oberois by himself seemed a bit fascinating as well as intriguing since it even indicated certain upcoming scenarios that the viewers wouldn’t want to see.

But nonetheless, the major chunk of Shivika being the savior and how would be most awaited. Also the Great Wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi is meant to be that way and shall stay like that forever, right?


The Oberois finally geared up for the memorial, all tensed and jittery though. The speculations regarding the ‘mill ka raaz’ dominated more than half the episode and the Oberois, who even in a memorial, never fail to deck up in their best of attires, were seen playing the hide and seek all this while.

Tej and Shakti’s dire efforts to extract the truth out was astounding as it left us wondering if senior Oberois really have had their share of cruelties too!


Well amidst all this drama, the way how Anika repelled Tanya like indeed she was Shivaay’s wife made us giggle throughout and the way she filled in for his absence in total Anika style yet being a responsible Oberoi bahu was quite praiseworthy!


Making Anika stand there in Shivaay’s shoes, talking on his behalf and addressing the media was really one of the most awaited scenes. Shivaay’s staunch decision that Anika ONLY should address the media in his absence showed his faith in her and her doing it in the right way, not letting his faith crumble is probably the perfect definition of ‘partnership’ that we saw today.

ShivIka truly have become partners in life and partners in crime! One word of praise for Tej – Did he just appreciate Anika for doing a great job in Shivaay’s absence? That was a moment!

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  1. Well 1 word for Shivika indeed, actually 2 words – Perfect Partnership’. Annika was superb being Mrs SSO today. Though she has less confidence on addressing the public, or media, as being Mrs SSO, but she was awesome, polite n truly Mrs SSO yesterday. Well, yes Tej’s words of praise on Annika, may be Pinky learns sthn from Jethji. Kudos to that scene n for Annika. Satisfaction of being Mrs SSO was evident on her face.

  2. Oh no …how long to see Bhavya like this !! No dear … buck up and lash this mad man who pushed you to the street and teach this new RSO that arrogance doesn’t earn success . Bhavya comeback !!

    The senior clad is seen with much uthawala faces nowadays!! I m not sure if Anika or Shivay will come to know the Raaz or how it will go… but Abhay has played a much planned game. But his goal is not reachable until Shivay stands in between… and that revengeful words were indeed dreadful. If this chota villain has some more tapes or documents to play around … we have to wait some more time for the entire happening inside the mill to come out.

    • RSO:)) sounds good…
      Everything is fair in love and IB….can’t blame Rudy boy…

      After so much of discussion on bending down yesterday, don’t see the day far off when viewers would be bending down to the makers ki ab bas karo….can’t watch rehashed tracks again and again

      • Haha !! RSO … I laughed when typing …simply I put !! We know our Rudy … he can’t withhold any arrogance and annoyance for a long time

  3. CVs just made another SSO. Is it really necessary to become an SSO before turning into Ishqbaaaz. They just killed the character. However when the love story is not what it was meant to be character ka kya achar daalenge.

  4. Abhay is no distant relation abhay’s father Vishal,tej and Shakti are like shivaay,omkara and rudra.So if omkara and rudra have a right on the shares of shivaay as he was gonna about write the shares in their name,vishal(abhay’s father) also had a equal shares in kalyani mills.


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