Ishqbaaz – The Climax Is Near With The Ultimate Face Off On List – SPOILERS


With the Ramayan being played out in the popular ‘Ishqbaaz’, the crucial elements in the story are soon going to set rolling on screen and here’s what in store for the viewers ahead –


1. Finally Trapped –

The mysterious Mandodari aka Komal, Veer’s wife, who was time and again torturing Anika and more than that, the viewers with the constant ringing cycle bell will finally be getting trapped in the web of Mr. Smart Singh Oberoi.

Well, it isn’t long that one can escape the clutches of SSO, isn’t it? So with Anika acting as bait, the predator would fall in trap as expected and hence Komal would finally be exposed.

What’s interesting would be watching how Billu ji is going to create havoc for her with the same torturous bell that has been haunting the viewers all this while too!

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