Ishqbaaz : For Shivika – I And You Have Covered The Distance And Are ‘US’ Connected By The ‘DARD’ Of Ishq!


Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has been entertaining the viewers on a regular basis and the show is getting the numbers on the charts too. Without a doubt the story of Shivaay and Anika is enthralling the viewers to no end.

The characters of Shivaay and Anika, fondly known as ShivIka have become a part of every second household. Currently the lives of Shivaay and Anika is a bed of roses, with the occasional prick of a thorn here and there. Like a blossoming rose from its bud, Shivaay and Anika have come a long way.

Tonight what we saw in Ishqbaaz made us go all ‘awww’ over each and every ShivIka moment. With this one episode we could see the leaps and bounds these two have grown and all it does is warming the hearts.

So today we at Fuze are going to present to you the top ShivIka moments that certify that they have indeed come a long way from being the bud of the rose to be the fully blossomed rose. So here it goes. Hope you like our take on tonight’s episode –


From You And I It Is Now All About US : ShivIka- The Feels Of Being Two Hearts And One Soul

Dear Shivaay are you the same man who more than once in the past, hurt Anika like no other? Not just emotionally, but physically too you manhandled her. And today here you stand with one small ‘ahhh’ from your wife,and you rush to her leaving your pain behind.

The moment when Shivaay told Anika that whether he applies the paste for curing his pain or whether he applies it for her to relieve her of the pain, it is one and the same.


This moment gave away the feels of the two being the ‘do jism ek jaan’ to a great measure. It simply signified if Anika is in pain, the pain is felt by Shivaay and thus to relieve himself of the pain he is tending to his Anika. Awwww. Lovely isn’t?

Shivaay and Anika from being I and You have covered the distance and are ‘US’ connected by the ‘DARD’ of Ishq!

(Note – This scene had a scorning thorn called Pinky. Will talk about her and all her appearances tonight in the very last slide of the article)

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