Ishqbaaz : Day 4 – The Hide And Seek Ends – Say Hello To Bunty, Dear Mummies!


Rolling and rooting for the track, we are here again to give you a little flashback of the laughter dose that you guys have managed to handle well on day 4 too!

Without teasing much, let’s have a look at the mukhya samachaar for today –


1. Baby In The Basket –

And here we thought Shivaay had gone to sterilize the feeder for Bunty but probably we read it wrong whole life as milk is used to sterilize the feeder, is what we got to know today.

And guess what, you don’t even need to switch on the stove for that…shhh that’s a secret, don’t tell anyone ya?

Leaving behind the baby and her bottle, Anika surely did some nice oh my mata of Shivaay right there as she poured in some more milk for that little Billu, and took away the basket.


The way Rudra and Omkara dramatically bickered in the beginning made us wonder in amazement the comic stints that Omkara could even pull too, thanks to Nanha Bunty!

The laundry scene has to be one of the most epic one in the history of the show for sure. So Mr. Seductive Besharam Singh Oberoi had no qualms romancing his ex-wife (kaddu ex!!! In Anika’s lingo), that too in front of those two kids!


This chantomai of a man very well knew how Anika was always reduced to puddle under his slithering touch and this man made sure to take full advantage of it not caring about even his brother’s presence of course!

Rudy be officially the patent cupid for these two we must say. His expressions while his Bhaiya and Bhabi did khullam khulla romance didn’t go unnoticed by the audience.


Alas kheer‘s recipe did manage to make the Food Kumari avert her eyes from the target and Rudy had fairly a nice escape from there as Anika stood gaping at Shivaay, realizing the fact how she was made pappu by him.

The way SSO, in his full tadibaazi stating a knowing look in his eyes, flung the towel at Anika, it made us grin hard with a loopsided smile.

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  1. Very good article. ..even i am also confused ki baby ki eyes such main kanji he?????..and ye tino obros kya such main itne chipde he?? Inhe khud par varosa nahi he kya???????….

    Anyway episode was good but you missed pinky tej face off…..😂😂😂…check mate style…….

    And last shivika scene was one of the best scene.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍….i think this scene is one of the most awaitd dream sequence of tvery IB fans and also shivika fans….


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