Ishqbaaz : Destroying The Lying Mill, Blinded By Own Will – The Evil Is Set To Plan A More Costly Bill!


Hello everyone!

Today’s Ishqbaaz had quite a number of points to be noted about. The episode was all about Shivaay’s unmistakable antennae that is always used to detect Anika, torture of Veer by making him witness ShivIka’s emotional PDA session, Gauri been made a scapegoat and somehow Om remains unaware of the gravity of the situation, Veer’s romantic dreams about Anika and of course Bhavya and Soumya’s failed attempt of creating suspense by trying to create an aura of conspiracy while saying ‘Shivaay Singh Oberoi’ needs to be called instead of their simple and usual address of ‘Bade Bhaiya’.

So without further ado, here we go!


Shivaay – Kya Karun? Logo Ki Sunu Yaa Dil Ki Sunu?

The one thing that remains absolutely consistent in the show is Shivaay’s sensor. That antennae never fails in detecting Anika.

Poor Veer – It was quite amusing to see him hiding and standing under a tree and wondering how come Shivaay landed up there despite making the entire population of Goa tell him to ride to the ‘New Bridge’.

‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Veere, Tum Nahi Samjhoge!’ – That ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ strikes SSO the moment he feels Anika around him and also when he can’t feel her around him.

One has to know ‘love’ in real sense to get that sort of antennae working. That’s why, even the entire Goa population could not direct Billu Ji to the opposite direction. His antennae or that ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ feel ultimately led him to the right direction!


Veer – “Yeh Shivaay To Mere Soch Se Zyada Samajhdar Nikla!”Yo Balak To Khiladi Se Veere! And the fact is, there’s no stereotypical, old, boring ‘soch’ like yours one working here. It’s all Star Plus’ ‘nayi soch’ that makes Shivaay think from his heart and not head. Stupid Veere, itna nahi pata?!


P.S:- Somehow Komal appears to be the younger version of Jhanvi to me. Loving an unworthy man, destroying yourself and your own identity in blind love – Are all common symptoms of these two ladies. No good and strong woman should ever follow this route. Never ever love anyone unworthy of your love, never lose yourself and your sense of right and wrong in love – That basically destroys even the beauty of love and makes it look like an estranged ghost made to roam and haunt around a desert going nowhere and finding nothing!

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  1. Saheli you are seriously putting a disclaimer? 😂😂 Don’t worry…will seek Veer’s help in freezing anybody who dare say anything about any of Fuzy’s articles 😉 btw would love to have Dr Dhawan’s insight into the chamatkari acupuncture…yesterday’s leggings and today’s freezing session…IB is seriously miles ahead in technology than the rest..
    Om is now overdoing his concern about the party…and that convo between Bhavya and Saumya…keeping fingers crossed…hope they don’t show them being hands and gloves with Svetlana or being some old Oberoi enemy…

    • Ants, u need to ask saheli if I nearly gave her a thesis of this chamatkari accupuncture or not :p someone needs to get the facts of medical science right I tell you . I fail to understand why Indian tv shows make a mockery of it

      • You’ve just hit the nail on the head Dr. Dhawan…not just telly shows, even bollywood falls in the same category…once Shivika (the Fuzy reader) had commented writer’s taking viewers’ intelligence for granted…was remembering her words while watching the scene…Veer being Svety’s brother will sure now heap us with the chemical experiments his sis has been throwing at us in the past..but anyways kudos to seemingly intelligent actors who perform such nonsensical scenes with conviction..

    • Yeah…what I wrote is a short form of what she told me only. LOL. Doctor saheba always gets too annoyed whenever she feels ‘Oh My Maata’ of science has happened. And that disclaimer is going to be used in any IB article whenever there’s mention of Om and Gauri, since some people can’t take fun as fun.

      • Some people do not realize the time and effort that goes into writing Saheli and are always ready with their two bits opinion….it’s extremely saddening that the different sects of the fandom have taken nothing from the show…neither the bonding between the characters nor love or appreciation…wonder what would IB be like if the characters start behaving like the fandom…read the outburst on your line about Gauri…it’s incredible the way some can make mountain out of a molehill..
        There’s a lot we fans need to learn from our favorite show…the most important of them being the oft repeated line of SSO to Annika…”Watch your language”… it’s time fans at least remember these words while voicing their opinions..

      • Oh my Mata of science is done in every movie or serials be it Tamil or Hindi or any regional language science is always subjected to mockery.In a Tamil serial Vani rani by legendary Tamil actress radhika there is a virus injected in a school going girl called thenmozhi who turns into a beast slowing but the anti biotics for the same works within minutes and cures it or take an Tamil movie mirudhan for eg a antibiotic to cure people who have turned into blood sucking zombies is found from the blood of a small girl who is attacked by the zombie but unaffected by that and the medicine from her blood becomes cure for the entire state and the research of medicine is done in a government hospital.Just citing example of things that I came across.So medicine and science by movie and serial makers are always par from our understanding and to not loose our sanity we should stop thinking the logical reason behind these medical miracles.

      • Ahh . Actually that disclaimer Is pretty much needed after some ppl couldn’t take humor in the same sense. Only if they knew we love om and gauri more than they do 😌

        • Yeah very true Vaishali…if only over enthusiastic fans understand that their sycophancy and OTT worshiping, far from impressing their favorites actually brings on damage and embarrassment…crass exchange of words within and across fandoms can never thrill any actor, yet certain fans keep indulging in it, incessantly…

      • So much oh my mata of science we have seen !!! I was wondering paralyze and freeze and their memory is not there ….. what a dangerous stuff to show in daily soap … it gets too serious and sensitive …. didn want to mention in previous comments
        Seeing the discussion I felt to write

  2. Super quick Article Saheli !!
    Yup yup … we got a relaxing romance without any secret onlookers !! What’s this ..? Vacuum cleaner and Anika wali cleaning …. it was pleasant to watch !!
    And the Burn-ol moment Veer got in the car ride he himself offered !! Shivay and Anika are smarter than his thinking… but that needle and villain speech was creepy
    Nice comparison of Komal and Jhanvi !! What happiness can they expect from the men who can’t give a basic respect??? And why should they get tortured n withstand it … grrr …
    Poor Chiraya …. why why why ??? Finally Om said what I had in mind … u don’t listen to anyone.When Tia can judge Tej temper and add fuel little …you took a tanker of petrol and poured on it ….
    Well said about Om Saheli!! He learnt not to jump into conclusions and shout simply .. but why is he withstanding Tejs taunts and Jhanvis this avatar ???

    • In my opinion, Om is doing this coz right now he’s the one in place of Shivaay who has to make all efforts to unite this family, or atleast calm people down so that they don’t went on to destroy themselves which our almighty SSO can’t really not let happen. Uptil now he was only being a member of OM w/o understanding any responsibilities of the house, atleast practically like Shivaay does. But now he’s burdened to stay calm, coz Shivaay rightly said ‘ab bacche nahi rahe tum dono’. OmRi have always been very ununderstanding pieces of a puzzle for me so no comment on their relationship.

      Only bliss moment was to see Shivika back together, with either Veer seen spying on them secretly or them alone enjoying that moment. Ya but veers constant n continued obsession with Anika is creepy n annoying just like Daksh. Hope that Ram Sita separation track isn’t the next in the list after Anikas abduction by Veer.

      • We may get abduction but the separation or any kind of same Ram – Sita story is far fetched ….
        how long will they show Veer being in good books of Shivay … it should not be stretched after a point .. as veer told one of his chal failed … by the end of next one Shivay or Anika should identify him


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