Ishqbaaz : A Dose Of Mahi’s Silent Adulation And Shivaay’s Audible Affection!


Ishqbaaz these days is taking major turnovers where you least expect it. And once again with this episode, Mahi made a terrific re-entry and we can’t stop gushing over him for the same.


Mahi Standing Up For Shivaay

The first scene itself framed with Mahi and Shivaay together deserves an applause for the editors did a fabulous job blending the two together with such precision that we couldn’t point out a single flaw.

The scene could surge a plethora of emotions in any individual intact, since Mr. Mehta has made it past level of perfection.


Talking about the essence it held, I guess words will never be enough to express the emotional ride that the scene took us to. The way Mahi stood up for his brother, his dialogues ‘maine bhi isko bachane ki kasam khai hai‘ and ‘hath to laga ke dikha‘ truly reflected how protective he was about Shivaay that he would fight for him, even till his last breath.

This was strange coming from Mahi since it would have been so easy to depict his mindset about Shivaay, totally opposite instead. But at heart Mahi is surely a pure soul, who sees Shivaay as his family and would never have the heart to hurt him.

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