Ishqbaaz – ‘Family’ – Not By Blood But By Bonds!


From Anika’s frozen state to Rudy’s love life making a move and living people been reduced to ashes as such, the episode today went on at rajdhani’s speed but nonetheless, after a dark while, the sunshine was welcomed for.

Family, a blessing that we are bestowed upon by God, consisting of people who are related to us by blood and are expected to always stand by side when the world outside ditches us.

And then there are some relationships a man gets to weave himself that connect them and you together in a bond, so close knitted that even the real family loses the sight in front of it.

Although Oberois were always one big family, that ate together, fought together yet stayed together, the flaws in the very same family, the elders who were the foundation of the family sadly failed to keep it together.

And today we saw the brothers returning to their heavenly abode and their safe heavens once again……to the only people they decided to call their family themselves!


1.Apologies and Advocacies –

One often make mistakes but the elders in family are the ones from whom they learn to rectify them.

They are the ones who scold you, yet love you enough to punish you such that your mistakes offer an opportunity for you to correct them.

Rudra’s Shivaay Bhaiya did punish him for all the wrong that he did (although how much we would have loved if Rudy got a serious tight slap for all that he did with Bhavya in the past).

He was told by his Shivaay Bhaiya to buck up and say what was right, to follow his heart and love behold, junior Oberoi ended up proposing his lady love!


P.S – It’s tough to fathom at this point as to why Somya was specifically made to come back when she even didn’t played a Cupid here.

Absence of any trace of sadness on her face while the entire scenario went on was a bit out of her character. Hope the makers have more to the story than it seems to justify the scene here.

P.P.S – What an irony it is to witness Rudra and Somya getting married on the same day while watching the repeat version of the show on another channel, Star Utsav to precise. Yesterday as Rudra proposed to Bhavya on Star Plus, the episode wherein he got married to Somya was aired on Star Utsav. The co-incidences you see! Nearly after an year we have Rudra Singh Oberoi, all set to marry yet again!

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  1. Really not interested in this wedding. True! Even me still scratching my head as to why makers brought in Saumya? Hope they have more in store for us. And trust me, I never thought I will be doing this but now I’m actually muting my TV while watching RuVya and ffing Ruvya scenes on HS. Even if it’s Rudy talking about Bhavya to anyone, it’s so unappealing. I have watched today’s episode and it’s so visible of how RuMya is so perfect even in their friendship talks n RuVya r just misfitting for each other big time. So basically, only interested in Shivika n ShivAniOmRu only. No Gauri n Bhavya plzz. Wanna only c RuMya. I don’t know y makers r hell bent to keep them together. Is it only coz she’s a cop. Well, u can bring Ranveer n Prinku back surely n Ranveer can help Shivaay spying every now n then. Why spoil Rudys life in this????? Yes, loved Rudys dialogues but due to annoying RuVya, lost interest in loving his quirky n kiddish yet loving replies.

  2. Finally we got one episode with brightness… ahaha no bhoot ganti or black saree lady … hahaa
    Tej made a living person bhoot !! Hope some other black saree lady threatens him and Jhanvi too !! Lol !!

    Finally obros have one more wedding and and drama in wedding !!!


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