Ishqbaaz – ‘Family’ – Not By Blood But By Bonds!


4. Home Is Where Heart Is –

It was practically a debate on who the real family was. Shivaay insisted Rudra to be with the ones who brought him into this life, have his share of happiness with them but on the other side, the role of father in Rudra’s life has always been played by Shivaay.

Some of the best dialogues rolled out from Rudy’s tongue yesterday as he innocently went on to tell his Bhaiya and Bhabi how and why his world was right there in front of him and not in the dazzling, dim concrete walls of Oberoi mansion.

The real family, with heartstrings attached and where he found his heaven was only amidst his brothers and bhabi’s and none else in the world was worthy for him to share his happiness with.


Rudra : Arre unko to abhi bhi apni hi shaadi mein interest hai!

*Standing ovation and slow claps on that boy*, trust Rudra Singh Oberoi to come up with no filter and slay the game totally!

To top the situation, it was heartwarming to see Om and Gauri make an entry at exact moment when there was something amiss and alas the family was completed! Picture perfect!

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  1. Really not interested in this wedding. True! Even me still scratching my head as to why makers brought in Saumya? Hope they have more in store for us. And trust me, I never thought I will be doing this but now I’m actually muting my TV while watching RuVya and ffing Ruvya scenes on HS. Even if it’s Rudy talking about Bhavya to anyone, it’s so unappealing. I have watched today’s episode and it’s so visible of how RuMya is so perfect even in their friendship talks n RuVya r just misfitting for each other big time. So basically, only interested in Shivika n ShivAniOmRu only. No Gauri n Bhavya plzz. Wanna only c RuMya. I don’t know y makers r hell bent to keep them together. Is it only coz she’s a cop. Well, u can bring Ranveer n Prinku back surely n Ranveer can help Shivaay spying every now n then. Why spoil Rudys life in this????? Yes, loved Rudys dialogues but due to annoying RuVya, lost interest in loving his quirky n kiddish yet loving replies.

  2. Finally we got one episode with brightness… ahaha no bhoot ganti or black saree lady … hahaa
    Tej made a living person bhoot !! Hope some other black saree lady threatens him and Jhanvi too !! Lol !!

    Finally obros have one more wedding and and drama in wedding !!!


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