Ishqbaaz – Filled With Swag, Love And ‘Dhinchak’, Junior SSO Is All About The Blend Of Sweet Singh Oberoi And Khidkitod Annika !

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‘Swag se swagat’ is what we would do for you all today (keeping aside the taunts and chamelis), because we have loved every character of your favourite show and not paid to ‘love’ anyone in particular and also everything ‘dhinchak‘ grabs our attention so we are here again with the what’s and how’s of everyone’s beloved, now junior ‘SSO’!

The much awaited and controversial episode of now ‘dhinchaak ishqbaaz’ aired tonight, and carrying the legacy of Shivika forward, we had ‘Shivaansh Singh Oberoi’ opening up the new chapter of ishqbaazi.

While the ardent fans of the show have been adamant to not watch it but considering the fact that leaps have in fact been the major gateway to garner lost Trps, all the noise and hullabaloo around the leap has indeed spiked the interest to watch what the makers have come up with. Here are the highlights that were the major attention grabber tonight –


1. Khidkitod and the Sweet Singh Oberoi Shivaansh – Although there wasn’t much that junior SSO aka Shivaansh Singh Oberoi spoke today, his swag and style said it all.

Donned in the getup of a film star, portraying a comparatively younger role in a different skin entirely, the sudden transition from Shivaay to Shivaansh for Nakuul Mehta must be a task.

The actor looked so lean and his transformed avatar must be a little hard for fans to digest but we must say Shivaansh Singh Oberoi is here to say with the charm he manages to emit.

With the hostility of Shivaay and Annika’s faith in love, he emitted the blend of Shivika entirely. Minus the million flying kisses that were too much to handle in a few minutes, Shivansh’s antics were time and again a reminder of Shivaay for sure.


2. Talking about the new entrant and Shivaansh’s potential love interest, the supercop ACP Aditi Vijay Deshmukh. It was hard not to reminisce about our ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore.

The action sequence was directed pretty well and the actress, Manjiri Pupala, was convincing for the part she played but the glam quotient that the show harbors was somewhat missing in her character.

Well that’s one aspect of the show that has been its USP and its dearth was quite felt in her part today.

P.S- That ‘Ai shapath’ was the reincarnation of Ajay Devgan’s Singham soul or what!


3. Well, after Shivaansh and Aditi came Shivika and needless to say being the heart of the show, Shivika and the ishqbaaz gang anytime are a sight to behold.

The flashback was like getting the oxygen back to lungs and watching them makes one realize that the trio’s love stories were incomparable.

This fresh new pair is set to make its own mark and will have to carve their own niche and persuade the audience hard to fall for them with the charm.


4. Not to forget there were many places where one could not help but think about the previous characters time and again.

Shivaansh’s new supporter gang is an unconventional one and will prove to be a potential entertainer in future too.

Asiya reminds us of our ‘oh my mata‘ queen Pinky and Avi’s failure to pronounce words collectively is a constant reminder of Rudy’s antics.


It was a pleasant surprise to see Daadi and Naani all young and glowing, looking only 20 days more old and not with 20 years added to their age. Will have to stalk the beauty secret soon.

For the test, we have even daayans (from Nazar of course) watching Shivaansh’s movie, so we humans can at least give a try to this new dhinchak munda on the block too, no?

To end with, for the ones watching the show, the leap is worth giving a shot. Shivika are pretty much kept in the same light as they were. There’s still an overwhelming urge to see the Shivaansh’s other siblings come to play on screen already.


From the looks of what little was spoke about today, it seems like we’re in for some pretty good flashback scenes of Shivaansh with Shivika for he still remembers what his dad used to say.

The makers on whole have managed to make a pretty good first impression and but to see whether it lasts is the real game.

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  1. Shivaansh seems to be a combo of Shivaay and Anika!!!!

    I don’t know how Daadi and Nani are still alive!!!! They are immortal like Baa it seems!!!

    Junior Khanna, Khanna’s son as bodyguard should have been made stronger!!!!

    Aasiya is a little misfit!!!!

    Aditi is a combo of Anika and Bhavya with Singham for topping!!!!

    Also the sibling angle is similar to Anika!!!!


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