Ishqbaaz : From Lovers In One Universe To Strangers In A Parallel Universe – The ShivIka Journey In 24 Steps!


A guy meets a girl and their story starts rolling. Thus Shivaay Singh Oberoi met Anika and the dice of ‘ShivIka’ was rolled in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz.

Shivaay and Anika’s paths crossed and they clashed. If breaking his ego was her aim, burning her self-respect to the ground was what he aimed for. The clashes continued, a tale was built brick by brick and two individual’s lives entangled forever.

They were two opposite personalities from two different worlds, yet once they met one another, the universe, fate and destiny played its game and the two worlds collided and became a single entity.

From strangers, to loathing each other’s presence, to being drawn towards each other with inexplicable feelings, to wedding each other under dire circumstances, to being friends and one another’s confidant, to falling irrevocably in love, Shivaay and Anika have lived through it all.


The fairytales have become more make believe with the presence of ShivIka. Their tales of love is far and wide spread and is a benchmark.

They met and built a lifetime together and now they have unmet too – taking small steps towards each other to build the castle of love again. From lovers in one universe to strangers in a parallel universe Shivaay – Anika’s story is one of a kind.

Today the tale of Shivaay and Anika hits yet another milestone and Ishqbaaz turns ‘TWO’.

As a special ode to all you Ishqbaaz and ShivIka readers out there, today we at Fuze will give you the 24 prominent chapters rewinding the tale of ShivIka through these past 24 months.

So without further ado, here we go –


“As soon as I met you I knew an adventure was going to happen.” — Winnie The Pooh

Shivaay and Anika’s met , they clashed, ego’s flew, self-respect was defended and thus their adventure began!

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