Ishqbaaz – From PDA’s Jhikjhik To Angrezi’s Khitpit – The Changing Means Of Survival

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Ishqbaaz is on a route to tackle and depict some social issues and to begin with we have had the issue of PDA or the social media addiction being dealt within the recent episodes.

While the former has been put to an end today, with the message delivered loud and clear, a new trivial discussion has sparked up which is relatable to a large proportion of viewers and which would indeed keep the viewers intrigued and serve a meaningful purpose as well.

Here’s what a relevant and truly appreciable episode of Ishqbaaz sounds like –


1. Living the moment than getting lost in likes –

The debate on PDA might not be one of the biggest issues in the society as of now but surely it becomes a matter of concern wherein it starts taking over the real life to an extent where affection turns into aggression for your loved ones.

Yes, social media is a world in its own. What we witness on social media may just be a part of the world of the person but never her/his whole world!

While Shivaay holds the opinion about keeping his love life and rather personal life private only, Om and Rudra had different points to keep.

None of the three can be tagged as the right and wrong ones. But yes, to club them all together, there’s one conclusion that can be derived from the whole gist.

Social media is a very powerful platform, provided its used till the best of its ability for it comes with its own share of pros and cons.

While it can be a very useful medium of connecting with people, sharing your thoughts and views and a lot more, it invited equal trouble for going overboard when not required.

As for Shivaay, PDA or expressing one’s affection for a loved one should rather be expressed to the concerned person and should be lived in and felt with your loved one than getting just cozy and loud about it in front of the world, who gives two hoots about it.

Summing it up, social media works as a stress buster too in many ways but the extent of social media usage and the depiction of PDA as they call it, depends on each individual.

The intentions and real feelings may be in favour here but more than love when it starts getting the uninvited hate, it calls for a trouble.


Social media as used by people, maybe a platform for their existence or simply a means of happiness but the usage of social media should be such that the virtual world doesn’t reach to the brink where it overpowers you or rather we should say start controlling you instead.

Along with the love the hatred that comes along can definitely lead to an effect in personal or professional life just like the way makers depicted this point perfectly with Bhavya’s example. Too much of anything is bad, that is what perfectly seems to fit in here.

To end it here we can never give gyaan as great as our lovely Daadi and hence that would be the best thing that we ever need to hear to get the lesson!

As Daadi said, it would always be best to live the moment with the one your love rather than trying hard to seize it and only to relive the trivial memories later on.

P.S – How we missed Daadi and her lectures on ishqbaazi!

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