Ishqbaaz – The Game Isn’t Over Until Shivaay Singh Oberoi Says It is Over!


One thing that the makers of Ishqbaaz successfully and effectively were able to come up with in the show was a hard hitting reality – The world respects you and fears you until you have wealth and power stuffed in your pocket.

The moment you lose it, you become a tool of mockery and fun. While watching the auction of the Oberoi mansion and the ridicule and sarcastic comments that followed for the Oberois just because they were no longer wealthy reminded us of one of the old dialogues delivered in this very show by Mahi – “Ameer ka paisa aur garib ka mazaak, dono udaane ke liye hi hote hai”.


That’s why a gas stove of Rs 5,000 is purchased for Rs 5 lakhs and Oberois, who were assumed to have become so poor to even acquire their gas stove, were mocked and ridiculed.

And thereby Shivaay Singh Oberoi learnt a lesson – He or his family aren’t revered for being an ‘Oberoi’, but because he and his family have wealth. Because Oberois are wealthy and powerful.

The day the wealth vanishes, all the reverence, fear, respect, honour vanishes too in thin air.

Human psychology works in a very weird manner. We don’t like the rich because we aren’t rich. We don’t like them because they can execute their wealth to fetch anything they want, something a normal person can’t do. In short, we don’t like them, because often we are jealous!


We make fun of the rich when they become poor because we suddenly feel like it has served them right! It has made them equal to us and then we take pleasure in seeing them struggling to lead a life like ours i.e standing in queue, juggling in a bus. Probably, that’s why when Rudy’s bike was sold off, Oberois were mocked by the so called ‘sarkaari karmchaari’ saying that now Oberois ‘ko buso mein dhakke khaane padenge’ – Something that he does regularly probably and didn’t like the fact that someone else could travel in an AC car which he could not afford but not that he secretly didn’t wish for it! He has that secret wish for himself but he will still mock that person who could fulfill his/her wish.

Sometimes we forget that the one who establishes an empire often come up from the strata of being an ‘Aam Aadmi’ only. And instead of being proud of that ‘Aam Aadmi’, people become critical about him and his family the moment he reaches the high.


Only if someone really did think how PrithviRaj Singh Oberoi’s hard earned realm was getting destroyed. Only if someone thought how the tenure of SSO’s entire youth that he spent to extend his grandfather’s dreams were being shattered – No one thought that.

Probably Prithviraj Singh Oberoi should never have become a rich man and Shivaay should also have been another ‘sarkaari karmchaari’ to gain all the sympathy of the world for him.

The moral of this entire talk is that – Being poor isn’t easy. But being rich also doesn’t come in handy. World sympathises with a person who has forever been poor. But they do not sympathise a rich man who suddenly has become poor.


500 Crores! – As the hand went high up in the air with his bid ringing thick in the ear buds, the world turned around to witness how the man who was assumed to have become broke was still powerful, still standing straight, still wasn’t broken and still his voice symbolized command.

Suddenly, seeing that visual of SSO, the world changed their perception about him in seconds! Suddenly the mockery stopped and suddenly we heard people saying, ‘Maan gaye Shivaay Singh Oberoi ko!’

Trust our words, you won’t get a more hypocrite being than humans around you. We are all A-class hypocritical humbugs!……contd.

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  1. @Ants, I would have surely loved to give my inputs on every episode if at all it was worth it. To be honest, I m very new as a viewer of Indian TV…I haven’t watched a single show before YHM…it was the cutest bonding between Ishita Ruhi and Raman n very realistic approach back then that made me watch this show…and while watching it I was introduced to other star plus shows. It was only because of the Fuze articles of NK, a one of kind male lead Neil Khanna and an ever strong female lead (and of course I loved Zain’s personality…he is all hot handsome cute sexy tempting at a time *Wink* *Wink*) that I started watching NK, really many Thanks to Fuze for that. And about IB, when it started, it looked grand. And its story was supposedly about 3 brothers. Being a single child myself, I have always craved for this bond between siblings and thats what attracted me to watch it, & I must admit, it was really beautiful until Shivika wedding. Since then it lost its plot as well as its plot. I have had enough patience till now waiting for that old thing to return, but don’t see any hopes. Once Shivika used to be my favourite couple as well, but it has become monotonous now. Plus I do have a grudge for not giving any importance to other couples at all…so that naturally adds to my already existing dislike for Shivika now. Sorry, but I find Shivika overrated now…due to no great story for them and yet getting too much of importance. I am fed up of their continuous “Jaan khatre mein hai” and Shivaay keeping his plans secret, Annika nagging behind him to reveal it to her and then some attacks on them and them screaming “Shivaaaaayyy” and “Annikaaaa”…enough of it now! I am not Shivika fan but used to be IB fan…but because of unnecessary and unreasonable over-importance given to only one couple keeping the other stories on loose, I have lost all my interest in it to that level that I really can’t appreciate a thing about IB now. I finish watching the episode in max 5 minutes.
    The second reason being the makers. Initially I used to feel they r very concerned about their fans that they read their fans comments and care to reply…cause in case of YHM, I had seen Ekta and Sikcand giving a damn to their fans views. But no, Gul and HS are worse. They are so rude to their fans. Just like these immature fans, even those ladies ask people not watch if they have complains….I mean having such low TRPs and still they have it in them to ask viewers not to watch! *Slow-claps* And their ultimate resort is, its our baby, u dont need to teach us. Better they simply ignore fans than giving such replies and giving typical cover up interviews.
    And the last…this IB Fandom. Sorry to say, but its the worst and most immature of all…like is it full of some school-going teenage girls or something having no sense. They just don’t stop bashing any fan, any show, any actor…anybody. There is no show they haven’t bashed yet…they have bloody problem with damn everybody. If people in a fandom are so immature that they can’t take constructive criticism and expect only praise for a show and a*s-leaking of the actors and writers, then sorry, I m not the one to be among them…those writers and actors as humans as me and I can’t worship them to take whatever they throw at us. And hence its no fun giving ur views in such fandom where u’ll only get bashing in return even when u r not wrong at all. Hence I strictly avoid IB. I appreciate u guys who r still sensible, and taking this bashing n giving them back in the name of being strong, but for me it is just a tv show and these r just a few viewers whom I don’t even know. Its not some important event of my life that I would keep tolerating it and “Stay Strong” and bear them and giving back to them…they just don’t matter to me, hence I would refrain from giving my inputs. Even on this article I would have ignored them only if they had not included other shows…cuz I truly love those other shows and their very sensible Fandoms…so I couldnt take that. Now they’ll clearly call me IB-hater (To a certain extent I already am, I accept) & would ask me to stay away. But would always be there for some sensible reviews like yours! It was nice having a word with u.

    • @ TV Critic…Couldn’t agree with you more with everything that you have mentioned..watching daily soaps was never my area of interest and I started watching IB only post the marriage track…at that point of time it was SC’s acting skills that had me hooked and I binge watched the previous episodes…and I must admit I loved every bit of it…and so with heightened expectations started following it…and then I discovered Fuze…had it not been for Vaishali’s words everyday, would have stopped watching it long time back…the reason for my connect was also a strong Annika who was capable enough to manage her life issues alone…probably the inspiration that I required to manage my own problems…but now that connect is gone and I’m watching the series just for old times sake….

      Coming to fandom’s behavioral issues…this is an eccentric fandom and there is no doubt about it…their infighting, filing senseless petitions are testimony enough..and you are absolutely right on Ms. Producer’s and Ms. Writer’s juvenile comments…these fans don’t use their brains at all…for the creators it’s just another project and they will hop on to another one in no time…but fans are investing their time and emotions in the show and it won’t be possible for them to make such an easy switch…and so by asking everybody who raises a valid point to stop watching the show, they are doing a disservice to the show itself…
      I was pitching in for Mystique only because I felt she was getting cornered…else dealing with such people is utter waste of time…on the spur of the moment you are tempted to dash a reply but later feel miserable because of the levels that you have to get down to…
      In a society that thrives on bullying whether it manifests in ragging, road rage or crime against the weak, whatever happened here shouldn’t surprise anybody…bullying is always about the more powerful against assumbly the less empowered ones…those with the talent of abusive language and a smartphone are the new power centers…they can get away with their ways because they know not everybody can match their levels…and the majority of IB fandom belong to this ilk…every time I hear the phrase Shivaay sab theek kar dega, wonder whether he can do anything about the fandom…or maybe it’s too tall a order for him too…

  2. @Ants, I really can’t take it if its a budget issue. They have enough money to show such a huge set, such costly so-called stylish clothes and accessories, such great technology for beautiful cinematography and decorations and all…can’t they have budget to show a room revamped into an office? When we say we want to see Shivaay working, we don’t mean to say we want to see his posh office, we want to see a track related to that, they can easily create his office in one of the rooms in Oberoi Dharamshala where they create guest rooms for the villains who enjoy their lavish treatment therein post their staged accidents against shivaay’s car. For Annika’s career, they don’t even need to show any office, they could have continued her caterer services as they would show before their wedding. N I shouldn’t even comment about Bhavya…an ACP who keeps roaming wearing those flaired anarkalis in the home eating kache ande. She being one of the so-called 6 leads has even less role than any other pettiest villain of the show. Her ps and vardi was shown only once to get it snatched away from her…so that they dont have to pay much attention on her career further, obviously people would otherwise question how can an ACP have such easy life… For a police officer, his/her vardi is like their life, getting a big shot bf and his love and his home to stay in doesn’t cover the hurt of it being snatched away from u. A police officer can’t can do anything to do retain their vardi. I really don’t like to compare 2 shows, but this level of stupidity shown makes me do that. If u haven’t watched that part, give it a try,,,naamkarann episode dated 10th jan…the last 3-4 minutes…thats how the vardi of a police officer matters to him and his relatives for which they can go to any lengths. But sigh, we can’t expect that from gul khan. Because since ages, her only forte is a a super rich arrogant business tycoon, a middle-class chirpy girl next door and their love-hate relationship with the overrated “Journey” of only the male lead. I appreciate she tried 4 new characters in this show, but unfortunately failed miserably to give them the worth and story that they indeed deserve.
    So for not having working leads, I can only say its obvious because its gul’s show…and hence it will never get time for some realistic tracks beyond the revenges and the chemical factories and the entire science and common sense challenged. No budget or whatever can justify this…I think we should accept it now.

    • Completely agree with you TV know these were the points that me Mystique and others have been discussing at length…had read Ms. Khan’s interview once that the set created for office in ipk remained unused coz people prefer watching family drama…was just giving makers the benefit of doubt…don’t know whether this was really the issue or maybe just a cover up…where there’s a will there’s a way…so if they had really wanted they could have shown the aspects that you have mentioned…but now looking at current state of things in IB it’s a foregone conclusion that it will always be Oberois vs enemies…the sad part is the characters have made their so called progression and have found their love and blah blah so obviously there is something beyond that the viewers would like to see. ..but like you have mentioned, there is a particular template that generally the shows of this PH work on…rich meets poor and all…in one of the earlier episodes they show Shivaay saying that it’s job of the woman to look after house while the man works and there is this huge discussion that ensues amongst Obros…can’t figure out what was the point in showing such tracks when eventually they had to make FLs do exactly what Shivaay had said…moreover had they been garnering trps with these type of weak FL portrayal, it would have still made sense…have not watched any of their previous shows so have no idea but have given up every hope of seeing financially independent FLs in IB…
      About Bhavya…use to cringe seeing her open haired in uniform…the least that they could have done is to at least get the look right…FL wearing jeans and not adopting husband’s surname was touted as path breaking…but generally FLs in other shows also wear western outfits and Annika has started calling herself Oberoi…wonder how is she different now…actually this is all part of product positioning…it’s old wine in new bottle..nothing more than that…
      I ll try to see the episode you have mentioned…I know the value of value vardi coz it’s in the family…
      And as we discuss this, wouldn’t be surprised if last two days onslaught still continues…
      It was lovely getting your inputs…keep coming them more often😄

  3. @Saheli, glad that I could put some sense! 🙂
    Yeah I agree about YRKKH too. But the thing is that show is a fairytale as they claim n its too sweet sweet for me to watch…totally full of petty household drama in the name of Rishtein and their values n bla bla that we r aready bored of seeing in real life as well… since god knows how many years…so I don’t watch it much and don’t have much idea about it…no offence to those who like that. And the genre of that show is completely different than IB, uska dur dur tak villains n revenges se koi rishta nai hai…so I didn’t want these people to take on me saying all this…so I preferred to remain silent about it.

  4. @IB Fan & Sameera-I am not suffering from selective amnesia.I watch the show regularly.Ofcourse,there are times when I miss a few episodes(more so in recent times)but I never post a comment until I have a clear idea about the episode.I may read a written update or ask my friends regarding the episode but I never comment until I know what happened in the episode.

    When I spoke of Shivaay not visiting office,I meant that he’s not visited office for any kind of productive work.For 400 episodes,we never saw the Oberoi office and finally when we got a glimpse of it,it only lasted for a few episodes.Even in those episodes,Shivaay wasn’t doing anything productive.They were discussing family problems and playing silly games with Svetlana.This is what I meant.Showing the office a few times in 450+ episodes and that too not for any useful work is negligible in my opinion.I accept that my comment was ambigious and lacked clarity but trust me,I had no intention of offending you guys or anyone for that matter.Even if you were offended,do you think its fair to verbally abuse me as brutally as you guys have done ? This is nothing new for me.I felt nostalgic reading your comments.I have been asked to stop watching the show earlier as well on a few other discussion forums.My views were rebuked earlier as well and they have been rebuked even today.Nothing has changed.Did you not think even for a minute how terribly hurt I might feel reading all that you’ve written ? Do you even know how it feels when people call you stuff like “ignorant fool,blind basher,stupid idiotic girl who speaks rubbish,girl with nonsensical views” ? Do you know how it feels when someone writes about you with such disdain ? You guys have won today…you’ve shown me how cruel and brutal REAL people can get for the sake of FICTIONAL characters.

    Saheli,Ants,Shivika & TV Critic- Thank you so much for supporting me.I guess I need to take a break from this platform.I know you guys will say that I should stay strong,not bog down and keep posting my views but probably I’m not so strong to forget all these taunts immediately and start posting comments with the same enthusiasm.

    Before winding up,I’ll write one of my favorite quotes from Mahatma Gandhi which goes as follows-
    “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.”

    Hope people learn to be a bit more tolerant.

    • Its okay Mystique,plz don’t take these people and their words seriously.But anyways,I can understand your decision of taking a break from Fuze.Hope to see you back in action very soon with all the enthusiasm and vigour.

    • Mystique I don’t know whether you will be reading this since you are hurt and have decided to take a break…which is absolutely justified…characters in fictional shows can forego self respect but it’s not so nice when it happens in real life… I remember you mentioning that you have been trolled earlier and whatever has been happening since last evening isn’t any coincidence…it’s obvious that this was a pre decided well planned attack… they kept on asking me to stay away even though I was commenting and bashed you even though you were not…it’s not about any character’s career or office…if somebody has decided to seek sadistic pleasure in bashing they don’t need a reason…
      I’m extremely proud of you the way you have conducted yourself all through this…we are in times where everybody wants to be heard…nobody wants to listen…people in this fracas have bared how hopelessly insecure they are…will eagerly look forward to you participation here coz every time I post a comment I am secretly wishing for your reply…do come back soon and do check the comments on clichés article by Surya posted a few day have received praises there😄

      @IB fan and Sameera…heartiest congratulations …shitty idiotic people have moved away…the stage is all yours…time to give yourselves a pat on the back for all your brave efforts…

        • Hats off to you guys…had thought the row had ended… but anyways good to find you here…at least now Fuze readers can seek your guidance for their thought processes and comments…pls bata dena kaun kya comment kar sakta hai..all said and done am feeling horribly overlooked that you have used all the adjectives for Mystique…nothing for me…but just in case you are planning so, do wait for few days coz people have gotten bored of this overstretched track…hope you pay heed to the request…keep watching IB and spreading love…take care…

  5. Hi Saheli.Thanks for the article.
    It was a good episode yesterday and you’ve reviewed the episode very nicely.I loved the part where you spoke of the Oberois being respected not because of them being OBEROIS but because of their wealth.Very well said !
    I had a sarcastic giggle when I read this -“Shivaay spent his entire youth trying to build his empire”.Not sure about this Saheli…afterall SSO’s workplace(read : office)is just a showpiece structure and we’ve never seen him visiting it or working there…LOL.
    Anyways,coming back to serious stuff.It was good to see the confident and powerful bagad billa back…NM plays the confident SSO with aplomb and he was terrific yesterday.The only sore point is as you said,its indeed a one man show..would love to see his better half’s character rising as well…sigh !
    Overall,a good episode which I enjoyed.Hope this continues.
    Have a good day Saheli.

    @Ants – Good afternoon mate.I so agree with you on the kalyani mills raaz.I remember reading some of your earlier comments where you had often predicted that inspite of all the massive buildup to the “raaz” track,it would eventually be something quite trivial…that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

    • Hmm yeah Mystique…next in line is the shooting track😉… Btw am really impressed with Tia…she seems to be knowing all about kalyani mills…about Annika’s family..wonder how is she digging info…and the speed at which she changes side…amazing…
      What do you think could be the probable reason for the Friday’s drama? Would love to know your take on this…

    • Do u even watch the show ? U say that shivaay never visited his office ? Like seriously ? Was it his ghost then who had visited the office with anika,om and rudra(during the track when svetlana had returned).Looks like you have selective amnesia.I hv read many of your comments & u also have a lot of problem with anika,gauri and bhavya’s characterisation.Jab itni jada problem hai, why don’t you stop watching the show ? IB dosen’t need fans like u who can only speak rubbish and criticise the characters.IB is a brilliant show and sensible people know this but if some fools choose to remain ignorant and only criticise the characters for no reason,then I can’t really help it.

      • Hey IB fan…pls chill…if you want certain people to stop watching the show how about stop reading their comments and reacting like this…nobody can force or stop anybody for anything pls…had been the things so honky dory IB wouldn’t have been grappling with falling trps…and yes you are right.. Shivaay’s office was indeed shown…once in about 500 episodes

      • IB fan- I agree with u.I had been controlling myself but not anymore.I have read that Mystique’s comments since a few days and she only speaks garbage.She writes as if she’s some great critic but her comments are so irritating.I mean,she’s always bitching about the show and the characters.Anika should work,she should cry less,Shivaay should work blah blah.Who will watch the show if they show all this.TV is about entertainment and all this is too boring.No female lead on TV works,all female leads cry a lot and which male lead on TV goes to office ? This happens in every show but she dosen’t speak a word about the other shows which show the same thing,she only criticises IB.If IB really had so many problems,how would it win so many awards but you’re right,such facts cannot be understood by a blind basher who only knows how to speak stupid stuff regarding our show.

        • Yeah…she only speaks ill about the show but as I said IB won’t get affected by her idiotic shitty opinion.Let her live in her delusional world.
          Ants,are u her PA.Please stay out of this,I didn’t say a word to u.

          • If IB will not get affected, why are you getting affected? Yes pls let all of us live in our delusional world, we all have a right to live whichever world we want to…and let’s stop this fracas right here…a simple line on somebody’s office throws up this kind of reaction…perhaps truth hurts…if you had read her comment carefully, she had only praised the episode…but anyways…

          • ‘Idiotic shitty’ opinion….hahaha. Best way to describe her views.She thinks her analysis makes sense…only if she knew that her views are just pure crap.You’re right,let her stay in her delusional world and keep cooking stupid thoughts regarding the show.True IB fans know how good the show is and they won’t give a damn about what nonsense she writes.Forget her,let’s enjoy the show.

          • Sameera-I agree.Let’s enjoy the show without thinking about that stupid girl’s comments.I hope she stops commenting here.All the happiness which I get after reading vaishali’s articles vanishes as soon as I read her comment.Everyday she has something nonsensical to say and it just pisses me off like anything.
            Why don’t u stay out of this Ants ? As I said,we didn’t say a word about you.

        • Sorry to unnecessarily enter in ur argument, but have to…since u mentioned about “all shows”.
          Currently I am watching YHM, Naamkarann and IB on star plus…out of which, YHM because old habbits die hard…I have loved IshRa wholeheartedly and IshRa along with DivAn chemistry are irresistible for me no matter what shit they are showing, NK because its the most logical show with very surprising storyline currently n brilliant actors, n IB always with a hope that things might get a little logical and show gets back its initial charm. I hope I am clear on this and don’t get to hear negative remarks on other shows just because I m commenting here against IB…I m already very much aware of the disgusting storyline of YHM and the characterisation of Raman assassinated…and a little unreal jail scenarios shown in NK initially in its jail track.
          So the point is, Male leads in other shows do work…Female leads also do work…and they don’t roam around in mansions only crying! Raman Bhalla has been a CEO since the beginning of the show, he has regularly gone to the office, he has conducted meetings right from his office to other cities to other countries as well, not just a deal on one-sided phone call…he has faced crisis in his business, in his career. Their was entirely a track devoted to his office, when he had resigned from his CEO post, how he struggled with his new job and how he roared back as an owner of the company. There is Ishita who has been a dentist since day 1 and has always attended the patients anytime in 24 hours a day, when time demanded she studied business and worked for Raman’s company too…again there was a complete track dedicated to this. Ishita cries a lot too…but thats not only something she does.
          Do I even need to say about Neil Khanna? He has been a very dutiful cop and is many many times seen in the police station…the story itself started as one of his case and his investigations. And Avni? Have you ever seen her only crying? The lady hardly cries in spite of having much much more real and dangerous traps thrown at her, she is a fighter who speaks less, cries least and acts way too much! The smart badass Lady Don! And the NK viewers are too longing to see her work, and Neil has assured her to get her in the police force looking at her strengths…hope that really works out soon!
          YHM is in its 5th year now, and people are not bored of the workplace of Raman-Ishita. People love the to watch the suave and smart RKB blasting his rivals in the deals with his signature attitude. People crave to watch the ever loving Ishita with her patients at the dental chair. TRPs speak for itself.
          NK is completing its 1st year soon with continuous crime tracks with Neil in his office and Avni fighting forever, fans do crave for some breathers, but eventually they still love to see their Avni fighting with the rage in her eyes and Neil being the smartest that he is!
          The whole point is, professional lives of the protagonists mixed with their personal life in correct proportion is never boring. Even these people are not shown working in few tracks, but that is the creative liberty…n then…they are not even the biggest empires in the country…how much they work justifies their financial and social status shown in the shows.
          Whereas, THE OBEROIS are the biggest empires as they claim, can we not see at least rarely how they are so! U know, seeing such a big business tycoon always roaming around in the house romancing his wife and cooking in the kitchen n solving petty mysteries is enough now…show something brainy as well! So I dont think there is anything wrong in expecting to see the tycoon really working and the so-called independent “Sirf Annika” who is a girl of today just because she doesn’t take her husband’s name really be a girl of today and throw her overflowing attitude in right place and goddamn work somewhere! (Thankfully atleast Om works for his art galleries and Rudra managed the entire fashion line in a day and for a day haha! 😀 )
          So better don’t give the typical-gulkhan-special reply next time that who is interested in seeing workplace scenes…yes many people are! May be that can help the sinking ship of IB if we ever get something realistic than the never ending petty revenges! 🙂

          • Thank you so much for your input TV Critic…have very faint idea about the shows you have mentioned but yes have seen Raman’s office, Ishita’s clinic, Neil;s P.S…for that matter Sonakshi and Maya all were shown professionals and they looked so independent and confident…problem with IB is they can show FLs workplace only if the MLs have one..assuming probably there are issues (could be budget constraints) at the makers’ end and hence workplace is not getting depicted…whatever the reasons be, the above furore is actually mindless…two people are busy bashing somebody who is not even commenting here with a reiteration every time that the concerned person’s views does not matter to them…how funny..
            They don’t have any plausible reason for such arguments…they are indulging in this mud slinging only because they want to…with or without reason…symptoms of severe attention seeking behaviour…nothing else

          • @Tv Critic – I came here seeing a comment in today’s article and got to know something not so pleasant going on here.

            But after reading your comment, I got into a pleasant mood at least.

            You gave rightful examples of YHM and Naamkarann. I will add up YRKKH too with it. Even that show successfully keeps showing not only Kartik’s career related issues but also Naira’s career issues and currently they are even focusing at Keerti’s new found business and the initial issues related to a start up.

            The basic problem is that, very few people watch multiple shows these days. Most of them who are way too blindly possessive of their shows do not want to look around or see the other existing content that is airing around them. Saying blindly, that my show is the best is not bad but assuming that others are all bad and is copying my show only, is a delusion.

            I am glad this argument took place and these examples of YHM, YRKKH and NK came up and somehow you put forth a very clear picture about the storylines.

            I would also like to say – We do write about IB regularly and we also at times ignore the silly things shown deliberately. Because doing that everyday will simply put off people and since the articles are supposed to be published everyday, it’s best to ignore as much as can be ignored. Hence, sometimes we just make fun of the bloopers and let it go! That suits our readers too.

            @Mystique – I agree with all your points. About SSO spending his youth comment – Well, I wrote that based on a dialogue by Om or Rudra or Daadi initially wherein either of them had said that it’s Shivaay who had revived the Oberoi empire and spent his youthful days working hard.

            And about this chaos – People, this is not Ishqbaaz’s hashtag on twitter where you can come any time, create negativity and spit venom. You guys have already made half the IB population run away because of this negative attitude and if you want to keep the rest with the show, kindly show some patience, positivity and stop fighting at the drop of a hat. If you do not agree with something, try to express that in a polite manner rather than taking the rude bashing route right away.

            We do not want to moderate the comments on IB articles. Don’t force us to.

            Have a good day everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Hi Saheli …. welcome back to IB ….
    yeah yeah yeah … 500 Crs 1..2….3…..and the tiger captured its prey …

    All the first page points you have put I thought on Friday … the gas stove ornaments paints … bike and that sarcasm wow … somehow I enjoyed it slightly… sorry fans… not to ridicule but I really loved those dialogues in that point of auction…

    The real world is cruel and stabs right in your chest with words … we have to see if Shivay learnt this … one slip the entire society throws mud on you!!!
    I don’t know which episode Om said … we live in glass houses… yup glass houses !!! What got SSO that money in last minute is his own labor.. his own hardwork and his only demeanor… not his grandparents not his parents …that help reached him … is only for the sacrifices he has done for that name and fame of the family

    Well written Saheli …
    All said and done the episode otherwise had too many bloopers and loopholes … we know all will go in air .. so let’s wait what else is there

  7. This article has my heart.
    In d precap I feel it was Shivaay’s plan to purposely hit veer so that he can keep an eye on him though I’m not sure

  8. Whoa Saheli we are getting back to back brilliant IB pieces from you…seems like happy days are here again….after a long time we had a super episode… though everybody giving their gyan to Svetlana was a lil ott but never mind itna toh chalta hai…other than the return of tadibaaz bagad billa, the episode finally put an end to stretched to tiffany, kalyani mill raaz…that as expected wasn’t any raaz at all…
    You are so right about the windshield part…when vehicles crash into people, they need first aid but if it’s Veer, the vehicle would need repairs…


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