Ishqbaaz : How Well Do YOU Know SHIVIKA?

How Well Do You Know SHIVIKA?
How Well Do You Know SHIVIKA?

Dear Ishqbaazian,

“Shivika” have made a special place in our hearts. Since the very beginning their ‘tashan’ and romance have brought us closer to them.

Above anything, their special connection, faith and unique bond has also made us proud.

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Since 2016, fans have seen their relationships face various types of ups/downs. They’ve lucky to have family support them in these moments and no doubt, they have supported their family members too!

So stepping away from the sentimental lines, we’re back with a new Trivia that will make your Monday Blues all melt away in seconds.

We will test you when it comes to your favorite “ShivIka”. Can you remember those moments and scenes from episode 1 to present?

Well let’s get started! And remember “google uncle” should not be asked to help you in this quiz.

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