Ishqbaaz : In Short – The 6 Best Things About The ‘Me Too’ Track Until Now!

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Ishqbaaz’s current theme of the week is the #MeToo topic. I am glad the creatives decided to venture on this much needed topic but I think more is needed to dig deeper into the implications of abuse, harassment and assault.

The 6 things I liked about the past 2 episodes of Ishqbaaz:


1) Good contrast between the nautanki filled moments of Shivika and their romance vs the awful travesty that Gauri was facing all by herself in the hands of the creepy star.


2) Gauri’s each and every expressions brought to the forefront the doe eyed innocence we women sometimes display when unaware of the impending danger in the guise of a friendly face, be it our neighbor, relative or friend.


3) Shrenu Parikh – The actor have been marvelling to watch in the episode. The actor was flawless and undoubtedly made us feel her torment. Special mention to the scene wherein she broke down in the dark in front of a mirror. The scene wherein she washed the red paint on her hand and face showed how deeply the pain and agony had inflected within Gauri. And when she let the words flow in front of Anika, we too felt something wet on our cheeks.


4) The makers did a good balancing act in showing Gauri’s trauma without making it completely graphic and I am thankful that they remembered that many innocent teens and tweens are fans of the show.


5) I am glad that they showed Gauri taking care of the issue by herself instead of relying on Om, Shiv or Ani to rescue her from her terror. Isn’t it after all the case with most women who have faced some aspect of the #MeToo movement in their lives when growing up? We never get a knight in shining armour to defend us, unlike movies, TV shows or other stories. And unlike Gauri many never can manage to save themselves from vicious assaults or rape.


6) I am also glad that the end outcome for Gauri wasn’t something too devastating, but it was definitely quite heartbreaking. For the first time I was glad they had Bhavya in their midst.


The 5 questions that I hope the CVs will address properly in the next few episodes:

1)What happens if your family does not believe you?

2)What happens if the world does not believe you?

3)What happens to the recurring trauma and who pays the price for the recurring trauma of the violation of a woman’s rights as a human being?

4)What can we do to even out the inequality that results in such matters getting buried usually because of shame, money or power causing an uneven pressure on the victim to never reveal their trauma until it’s too late?

5)What about the people who still don’t believe or empathize with the victims of the assault, despite evidence to the contrary, how can we change the mindset of fear that prevents people from understanding or empathizing with another human’s trauma?

And finally readers – What would you do differently so that the cycle of the abuse and abuser does not keep perpetrating in our world?

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  1. Hi Nivedita….it’s great to get an IB article from you and really appreciate your pointers but somehow as a viewer wasn’t able to appreciate the nautanki or the romance that was thrown in an episode that was dealing with such a grievous matter….horror and dismay one minute and comedy another minute somewhere diluted the effects…

    • Well I don’t think so. In the same regards we can also say Om was busy showing off his paintings rather than giving some attention to Gauri. The stark contrast was there to show how when everyone is busy in their own world be it romantic or comedy, etc. like Shivika or Rudy, still such monsters get time to do these heinous crimes within the party premises that too on an Obahu.


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