Ishqbaaz – Ishqbaazon Ki Kahaani, Anika Ki Zubaani!

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Surbhi Chandna As Anika From Ishqbaaz

Disclaimer – If you have missed Anika in the episode yesterday, here’s your dose of Anika in the article. It is written from her point of view by using as much as her kind of language possible. Well, we can’t write the thing entirely in Hindi but beware! There’s too much of Hindi today in this written piece. So here you go, Ishqbaazo ki kahaani, Anika ki zubaani –

Hiiii! Helloooo! Kya hua aap sabne miss kia mujhe? Kya kare, couldn’t help it no! I got an emergency call from Saahil’s boarding and as soon as they told me that he was not in the pink of his health (Woh beemar hone ko aise bolte hain, Billu ji se seekha hai!), so I had to leave urgently.

Jaan chali jati hai usse kuch bhi ho jaaye to! I told him not to have too much ice cream but sunta kahaan hai meri?!

Anyway, I felt a little bad as I left everyone at Oberoi mansion and that too in between the functions but I know they’ll understand.

Infact Shivaay was the one who was more worried for Saahil and was after me to leave ASAP! I thought of saying a thank you to him again at that, but then chor dia! Huh! Yaad rakhenge inka paala bhi Anika se para tha!

I had called up Bhavya to know what if the day had been okay at home, and I realized I’m missing out on so many things there –


1. Omkara’s Bhabi Ya Gauri’s Bhaujayi-

Matlab sach mein, puri duniya knows how khidkitod these two are but still yeh dono ek dum pappu hain! They understand nothing.

Bhavya told me how Gauri was telling her about cheapdi Sultana and how Om entered and he filled her in for the rest. Ek dum ache se jaante hain ek dusre ko but nahi, tadi to dikhaani hai!

God knows what’s with Om being the SSO version of Billu ji. Earlier Shivaay kept doing the ‘responsibility’ jaap with me and now Om, ek hi nav pe sawaar ho gaya hai bas!


Om is dear to me as much as he is to Shivaay but then Gauri is my sister too! Having gone through the same set of emotions, I know how painful it is to face such unspoken feelings. Yeh teeno bhai na, ek dum ek jaise hain! Pal mein tola, pal mein maasha, koi kaise samjhe inki bhaasha!

Bhavya was actually listening to all of their conversation from outside, ab hai to policewali hi na, aadat aasaani se nahi jati!

She told me how Om politely asked Gauri if she was upset. Matlab hadh hai, doesn’t he know what’s making meri pyari si devrani so upset?!

Poor Gauri, I’ll quickly have to get back and talk to Shivaay about setting up these too. Gauri did tell him that there was no point bothering because at the end ‘Hum hum hain aur aap aap’, aisa kehkar chali gai na wo! And yeh Om na, he is still wondering. Seems like he needs a session with Shivaay!

P.S – Our Comments – Om is being a complete Abla Singh Oberoi right now. He couldn’t even muster up the courage to accept Gauri as his wife even in front of a dhabewala and yet he asks our beautiful chiraiya the reason for her udaasi. Dear Omie, you really need a mental detox therapy bro!

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  1. Nice perception !!

    Let the ground swallow Pinky once for all ……… even 10 svethlana is fine
    Not her

  2. Aww thank you for making up for Annika less episode.. it is a well deserved vacation for her but missed her badly 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  3. Gosh Vaishali….your article is so, so, so very entertaining!!! Pls use this lingo more frequently…

    So the episode hinted Pinky isn’t done yet😴😣 errr seriously?!😠

    The only saving grace yesterday was Lee Matt, who’s simply getting better and better by the day….

  4. I am missing Annika very badly………….

    I glad that chandu didi got a vacation. ..but fir bhi aajao chandu di…..a0ke bina accha nahi lag raha..

    And fuzie dear, thank you soooo much for yhis khidkitod article. ……..bahut accha laga padhke…..


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