Ishqbaaz : From Being ‘Junglee’ To Being Brainy – It’s Day 3 Of The Hey Baby Way!


Well the episodes are literally a laughter riot and it’s just getting better day after day and has even left us speechless with the rib tickling episodes lately.

Let’s have a look at how no mercy was served to the Obros even after 2 episodes!-


1. Baby And The Bros –

Yet another day in the vicinity of baby and we can already see the Bros all drained out.

With the funniest of ways in which their expressions came, it was bound to leave the viewers smiling too after every scene.

We can’t help but admire how Leenesh Mattoo once again stole the limelight among the Bros. The baby and him are truly breathing life into this entire track more than anyone else.

The way poor Rudy hugs his dumbbells and delivers to them a consolation speech, it made us go all ‘awww’ at him.


His methods to feed a child had clearly surpassed some serious intelligence levels and the way the poor lad had to bear the torture in the hands of his bhaiyas was truly rib tickling.

His dramatic expressions and excellent comic timings are worth mentioning. And last but not the least, with the baby’s feeder scenario, even we would have to agree that was something only Rudy could have accomplished!

Till then, keeping the baby busy, some huge entertainment went on behind Rudy’s back and it was something that the viewers wouldn’t be able to get out of their eyes.


The sight of most sophisticated, classy and crisp man with disheveled hairs and baggy eyes dancing like a maniac (or a junglee to be precise) was once in a while.

We really doubt on whether SSO was trying to make Bunty asleep or intended to scar the poor child for life. Nakuul Mehta’s expressions and the wild dance on the popular retro number was totally on fleak today and made us roll on the floor for real!

P.S – As we say repeatedly, Rudy is being influenced by his Anika bhabi a lot and that’s where we guess are the names coming from!

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  1. Full khidkitod episode and this article is also khidkitod. ..

    Rudy stole the episode. …bechara Singh Oberoi. …………😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😉😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂….


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