Ishqbaaz , Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi And Beyhadh – Weird Thoughts Of Fans That Will Simply Crack You Up And How!


Credit for any show’s success majorly goes to its fanbase that love and cherish the show like anything . And today within the digitized world we are living in and with so many social platforms into play, it has now become easier for the viewers to give their ‘oh-so-valuable feedback’ regarding any show.

But at times, these technical advancements can turn into nightmares and can flip the makers to an extent that they wish they hadn’t put their hands on the show in the first place.

Today we bring to you the weird thoughts and wishful thinking from the fans of major leading shows that will surely tickle your funny bones and would make you wonder what if those come true!


1. Ishqbaaz-

The fans of this show are unexpectedly (not much though) partying and rejoicing around like never before. And why shouldn’t they as otherwise the poor fellows demands fall on deaf ears and at times like these when their heroine is getting shot and on death bed, there wouldn’t be any option for the makers but to make the hero confess his love finally.

You can always vouch on Indian audiences to be a little dramatic and what’s the fun without watching the hero crying his eyes out (with the glycerine of course)?

And yes not to forget a naughty bunch who are always waiting for the romantic sequences among the intense tracks, after all who cares about the bullet, no?!

Basically right at this moment one can visualize the whole Ishqbaaz fandom partying and celebrating Anika’s condition in a virtual disc maybe!

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  1. No??! Come on, we all support IB too much after all the bold ands tears shedding. CUZ ITS LIKE DAT HEHEH

  2. Totally gossip (read: “timepass”) article! Have stopped watching all 3 of those “soaps” for long…, but [I] keep checking on-and-off. And as far as my knowledge goes, no comments about ‘Ishqbaaz’ since it’s “Ladki kar gayi Chull” whose penchant for thriller is unknown only to aliens [towards her creations] and anyways, she’s on the ‘RIGHT-TRACK’ after all (hint: ‘Dil Bole Oberoi’). And couldn’t “crack-up” more for “reporting” on the other two. KRPKAB’s “fan”dom are the best-class of hypocrites and delusional whereas Saanjh of ‘Beyhadh’ is an (I wish I could’ve used ‘the’) apt case-study for: How Not to Do a Character Development.

    Still can’t comprehend why the […] ‘Chrome® for Android®’ keeps suggesting your blog-posts (should I say “stories”?? 😕) when I’ve already stopped visiting your website since months…!. 😫

  3. You forgot to add Ishqbaaaz fandom is the most selfish fandom ever who only wants to watch ShivIka for 21 min 😂 to he’ll with OBros, to hell with RuMya give us only O Janna in fast and slow motion and we are happy😂 show was promoted as ‘ek kahani k teen kisse’ one brother’s kissa is totally getting sidelined still no one cares… why would they care ?? And Fuzion too only writes abt #ShivIka as if they are being paid by the makers to write articles abt Ishqbaaaz. Lage raho!

  4. Hey Vaishali,
    You know kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is the only show in which we don’t have any character as a villain, but since ishwari has turned her grey shades more darker, every viewer wanted her to shut up. And this mahan khatarnaak Khatri is the only person who can handle ishwari well. Even I am one of the fan who really want ishwari to realise her mistakes and accept sonakshi. Believe me, the makers always have favored us rather than the story. They knew and I think they followed tweets regarding khatri. And so the only person called villian is back.
    Isn’t it weird that others want their heros and heroines to be highlighted, but kuch rang fans want their villian to be highlighted..!!!

  5. Yup KRPKAB fandom is crazy and we love our show 😂😂😂. Khatri being back is awesome – you guys have to see the stuff on Twitter with the Khatri and Ishwari GIF ,simply awesome.
    It’s given everyone a real break after all the fighting and tashan between the leads 😉

  6. Dude it’s Beyhadh if we support good then what is the reason in seeing Beyhadh it’s different from normal soaps and we Beyhadh fans are also different from other fandom no matter how we represents we are team Maya and absolute maya role fans and as u said yes we had our reasons to justify and even show makers are very happy for this as they are doing experiment and if we support so called good like all serials what is their fit shoemakers to experiment so we loved their experiment and we are abosoulte gaga and yes we are freaky too we are U 😎😎😎😎


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