Ishqbaaz – When The Moon Is The Witness To The Progressions This Karwa Chauth!


Indian TV shows are incomplete always without the rich and blooming, colourful festivities that bring in the zeal into the shows and also pave a path for some major dramas to spice up the TRPs as well.

The grand and glamorous, Ishqbaaz too finally featured the karwa chauth celebrations and it was nothing less than a perfect blend of comedy, drama, twists and romance of course.


1. The Teasing Twosome –

Even after the marital bliss they’ve tied into  the best part about Shivaay and Anika is the never ending Tom and Jerry scenario between the two.

Their patent ‘farq’ games never leave the court and we are more than happy to endure that for however long it graces the screens.


Poor Anika’s expressions as Billu ji went on to tease her with Daadi’s delicious delicacies, almost mimicked all the foodies out there and surely even when they both were aware about how they’d be fasting for each other, yet the urge to tease the other couldn’t vanish amidst them!

Similarly Billu ji today didn’t seem to be at ease either. The man definitely knew how to get his lady all riled up before the ultimate surprise though.

The greeting and the gift parcel in khanna’s hands were enough to get Anika excited after all!


P.S – Can we make a special ‘aww’ at Khanna ji today? This man’s loyalty touches another level.
‘Aapko haste dekhkar, mere chehre pe smile a hi jaatihai Sir ..’ , the way he confessed that to Shivaay with so much respect and endurance made us go all ‘aww’ for him.

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  1. Rudra is the only one who gets a new girl every Karwa Chauth!!!

    Very unfair and I feel it is best if Bhavya track is wrapped up and Saumya is got back!!!!

    Anika breaking Shivaay’s fast was nice!!!!

    But hats off to the original Oberoi, the original Ishqbaaz and that is Kalyani Singh Oberoi’s husband who started the tradition of men fasting in Oberoi household!!!The love genes from them the original pair!!!!

  2. I feel in that kc wala part when annika touched his feet shivaay stopped her and instead of expressing what he felt through words he preferred to plant a kiss on his lady’s hands
    🖤and conveyed the needed… This is SSO, man of actions than words and I feel this makes him stand ALAG from not only other star plus heros but the whole stereotyped television heros 😊

  3. I think anika bend down because of respect and love towards her shot, she didn’t accept surname because of her bad and sorrow childhood.. And society which gives her numerous pain… But what made her bend down is unconditional shivaay love.. And one more point… Anika is modern minded but she always follow traditional and value elders…

    • Annika didnt had a surname because she’s been shown growing up in an orphanage who did not remember her biological parents and of course the surname….she was adopted by Sahil’s parents but chose not to take their surname…perfectly ok she does not want to take on husband’s surname…but somehow her cutting him short with Annika sirf Annika every time he attached his name to hers and now touching his feet dont go in tandem

  4. The episode was pretty sweet and entertaining but the feet touching part wasn’t surprising at all….this Annika is far removed from her old self…after all ‘people change in love’ and so has she😟
    In fact at the moment none of the three female leads are in their dabangg fearless avatar….all for and in love😉

    • I felt when they didn show these elderly ladies bending down … why notably only Anika … may be first KC …

      Want Bhavya back to herself soon !!

      • Very good observation there Vidya….first KC or respect for husband…idealism differs from person to person but its nice to see different perspectives pitched in…

    • Well, living in OM she has started following all the rituals. She never experienced them all through her life. All she has seen is ignorance from the society being an orphan n poor. She never believed in God, she never prayed to Him but since Shivaay n their relationship has always been in trouble, she needs to bend down n be a lil superstitious for good and long health of their life n togetherness. Also, in Punjabis, this has been a custom always. We like the fact or not, but this needs to be followed. Yes these days probably people don’t wish to follow and that’s good. Best part is Shivaay stopped her from doing that.

  5. The complete KC sequence was filmy and more filmy !! But an Indian soap should show their festives in such a way !! Idea of garage and personal KC for Anika was great ….. but cant support that feat touching …

    It’s so difficult to watch Bhavya like this in the past 4-5 episodes … the Iron Lady is getting crumbled to an unknown enemy who is punching her back like this ?? No no !! Abhay mark your day when this lady rises again … for the push you gave her today .. she won’t leave you easily.

    Om and his inability to do drama … rofl … did u really learn anything from ur bhabi or ur wife … for the person we know .. Om’s this avatar is a challenge to himself !! Act and natak … RoFl …

    Looking forward to this Abhays enemity with Oberois ?? He has creeped well in the house and that Precap dialogue was completely scary


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