Ishqbaaz – Rikara Brightening Up The Diwali Night With Their Love – WATCH VIDEO

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The entire nation seems to be submerged in festive vibes right now and our television shows aren’t far behind.

Well, we are talking about Ishqbaaz’s Diwali here , an affair that’s too grand and glamorous to be missed as always.

This time it’s once again going to be unconventional Diwali with the redux Ishqbaaz on play and the viewers will be getting to celebrate the festival with their same own beloved characters but with entirely new memories to capture.

And while love has always been in air for the three couples of the show , here’s a small glimpse of how everyone’s beloved ‘Rikara’ aka Gauri and Omkara will be outshining the Diwali glow with their beaming love.

The couple that has always been subtle yet has managed to capture everyone attention with their heart stopping and eye capturing romance have got their fans in for a lovely short treat yet again.

Watch this behind the scenes of the subtle romance and fun filled giggles here –

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