Ishqbaaz : The Saga Of Heart Melting ShivIka Hugs – Hug Day Special!

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‘When you say nothing at all, but yet conveying everything in a hug’ – These lines fit Shivaay and Anika as though they were written for them.

Shivaay and Anika from Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz have had and continue to have khidkitod tale of Ishq. The love they share seems to be growing by the minute.

From the second these two met – they have clashed, been friends, been husband and Biwi and have been true example of being Ishqbaaz.

Time and again when these two love birds have met each other middle way with a hug they have wrapped each other in spoke volumes of ‘THE ShivIka euphoria’.

Locked safe in each other’s arms, in its cocoon of warmth Anika found her home and Shivaay found his abode. The hugs these two have shared have been of umpteen kinds – from the ‘why fear when I am here hug’ to ‘I am there for you always hug’ to ‘I love you to the moon and back hug’ and many more countless ones – every hug ShivIka have shared has been beautiful.

Today being Hug day as a special feature we are presenting to you the best hugs of Shivaay and Anika that will make your hearts gooey.

Start scrolling and view the array of hearts melting ShivIka hugs now…


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