Ishqbaaz – With The Siblings Soldering Ruling Tonight!

After tonight’s episode, the viewers must definitely be high on emotions, for the episode tonight hurled a myriad of scenes and bonds that one longs to witness in the world today.

With a few major changes being taken for good today, the episode was a pure delight as it delivered the essence of certain relationships in such an endearing form. Let’s have a look at the blessing we had today –


1. Bhabi And Her Devar –

Since the day Rudra found his Anika didi, his liking towards her was pretty evident from their first meeting itself.

And as the show progressed, their bond has only been strengthened only more each time! And from the span of Anika being his bhabi, this bhabi ka devar has been leaving no stone unturned to make her life full of smiles and laughter.

His protective instinct for Anika has always been so heartwarming to see and even today, when Shivaay’s youngest baby was in dire need of some consolation himself, he pulled his act together just to make his bhabi smile.

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Rudra, being the youngest has been not only Shivaay’s life but has been in integral part of Anika’s life too! His place in her life has always been equivalent to that of Saahil and it goes without saying now that more than Shivaay’s Rudy, this cry baby has become bhabi’s langoor.

His loyality towards Anika lies on a higher pedestal these days than him siding with his Shivaay Bhaiya!


The way he intended to lighten up Anika’s mood today and Anika’s understanding response to it could melt anyone’s heart.

Their bond is as special as what lies between a mother and her child.

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  1. I m not tired to type this 100 times also …. but tired with scenes having Pinky in it … just switch channels or put tv on mute mode nowadays …

  2. Shivaay and Gauri’s scene was so so good and inspiring…ditto for Rudra and Annika’s….keep ’em coming pls

  3. No other shows ever will be able to beat IB on Presenting siblings bonds with this much serenity & purity ❤❤❤

  4. Oh yes , today’s episode was surely high on emotions. Needed tissues once again. 😭
    Every scene was enacted beautifully, wether it was Sahil & Shivay’s scene or Gauri & Shivay’s scene. They were really heart melting scenes which we witnessed after a long long time…….
    Wish Shivay would be a little more understanding towards Anika . Where is the Shivay who could not see tears in Anika’s eyes ?? Sincerely want him back.

    • Ya … kind of tissue wala episode!!! The more this ex husband and ex wife hurt each other has reached its peak now !!! They are just tearing each other !!

      But Shivay was on the point … it was both who were in relationship … he has 100% right to know what did this level of damage !! After hearing so much about her sacrifice … majboori… the husband who was so deep in love …. he is in neck deep sorrow …. such a sensible conversation it was .

      And we sincerely request the makers to give us a break from this Pinky ….please please …. let at least half truth out and please put her on mute mode for sometime…. for nearly 6 months we are hearing her badmouthing badmouthing only

      • I agree with you, it’s true Shivay does deserve an explanation and honestly waiting for the day when Pinky’s true face gets revealed. She’s unbearable 👿

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