Ishqbaaz : From SSO To DSSO – Five Times When Nakuul Mehta Made You Gape At His Changed Persona On Screen!

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Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz

As an audience we have always seen actor Nakuul Mehta playing the highly sophisticated guy till date. Be it portraying Aditya in Pyar Ka Dard Ka Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara, where he was the chocolate boy next door or now portraying the powerful, high and mighty Shivaay Singh Oberoi, the actor has always been the CLASSY character.

While playing the character of Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz, the actor fit the category of being both the beauty and beast.

Did you in your wildest dreams ever imagine, you will see Nakuul Mehta in Ishqbaaz but minus the SSO TADI and polish? No, right? But that is what is happening in Ishqbaaz. You see Shivaay on screen yet he is not the real Shivaay. So since we are not yet made aware of the fake Shivaay’s name, let’s call the duplicate Shivaay as DSSO, what say?

From the time this DSSO has made an appearance, he with his lingo, his mannerism and his style is hovering all over the viewers’ minds. Nakuul Mehta for the very first time on TV is portraying the rustic small town guy with a grey shade and that itself is impressive. Nakuul has already started getting into skin of the duplicate Shivaay’s character. And while switching between SSO and DSSO simultaneously, the actor is doing a commendable job.

Gone is the posh, polished and sophisticated Shivaay in the Oberoi mansion and here we have a rustic duplicate who has weird names to give to SSO’s family members and who runs miles away from Anika. It is funny and entertaining to watch Nakuul Mehta play this 360 degree change shade in Ishqbaaz.

While the viewers of Ishqbaaz love to watch their Shivaay Singh Oberoi on screen, yet for the past three episodes whenever the duplicate rustic Shivaay comes on screen he gives the feeling od michmichi to one and all.

Here is a look at Nakuul Mehta being the NAKLI Shivaay, but the actor is ASLI and our vishesh tippanni on tonight’s DSSO –

Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz

“Pehle Yeh Pehalwaan Phir Yeh Baal Ki Dukaan, Dono Ne Dimaag Ki Gangaram Kar Di.”

Gone is the real reel. Here comes the DSSO! Standing amidst the Oberoi’s Nakuul Mehta was so unlike Shivaay. With the pehalwan, baal ki dukaan and dimaag ka gangaram, Nakuul Mehta essaying the villain literally caused the viewers’ heads to ‘chakkar ghumiyo‘.

From being the best brother as Shivaay to being frustrated as the duplicate, Nakuul Mehta has proved he can fit into any shade, be it grey or good!

Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz

“Aise Ideas Mat Dijiye. Maan Gaya Toh?”

Nakuul Mehta is an extremely handsome actor to look at. But is being the ‘khalnayak‘ of the modern times good to look at? Yes it indeed is, the new khalnayak is out in town and he is scary and sexy to look at.

And how Khalnayak is sexy you got to learn from Mr. Mehta. Who knows the makers might soon make Nakuul Mehta perform a jig on ‘nayak nahi khalnayak hoon main‘ in Ishqbaaz!

Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz

“Abhi Dekhti Jaa. Yeh Naya Model Shivaay Apne Mummey Ke Saath Kya Kya Karta Hai.”

Here comes Nakuul Mehta playing a brand new version 2.0 of Shivaay. The actor is the same but the soul of the character has changed.

A fake Shivaay packaged in a new model, along with his accent and the special attention he gives to his ‘MUMMEY‘, looks like Pinky is going to go screaming ‘Mummeyy Returns‘ very soon.

The spontaneous reaction he is giving to Pinky as the duplicate Shivaay is quite hilarious and at the same time frightening to watch.

Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta In Ishqbaaz

“Yeh To Kisi Aur Ki Biwi Hai! Matlab Number Hi Wrong Hai! Nahi Main Iske Saath Ek Kholi Mein Nahi Reh Sakta! Bura Hun Par Kameena Nahi Hun Main!”

Bura Hoon Par Kameena Nahi‘, if Anika gets to hear the word ‘Kameena‘ from DSSO’s mouth, we are sure it will be her ‘Oh My Maata‘ moment.

In a complete turnaround this DSSO is the bad guy with a conscience and without an ounce of doubt it is nothing less than an entertainment extravaganza. And the viewers indeed will make a double turn and gape at Shivaay version 2.0.

Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna In Ishqbaaz
Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna In Ishqbaaz

“Maaf Karna Deva! Yeh Anika Ji Ki Emotion Ki To Poora Gangaram Kar Diya Maine!”

OMG – Did I just hear him say ‘Deva‘ or are my ears ringing and did I think the term had a nice ring to it? Yes I indeed did. Nakuul Mehta is getting his lingo and the usage of terms on dot playing the rustic guy.

As the good at heart bad guy, Nakuul Mehta got the Duplicate’s emotions on spot when he felt bad for Shivaay’s wife. The fake SSO’s emotions regarding being in close proximity of ‘Anika Ji’ is like the flustered shy chuimui guy.

DSSO as the chuimui lajwanti too was amusing to watch.

As a note before ending the article we have something to say, the Duplicate Shivaay calls Rudra ‘pehalwan‘, Omkara as ‘baal ki dukaan‘ and Pinky the ‘villain’ of his life but when it comes to Anika, it is ‘Anika Ji’, take it from us the Duplicate can do many wrongs but he will never misbehave with ‘Anika Ji’ and if someone will crack the case, it would be Anika only!

What is your take on the Nakuul Mehta essaying a complete different character? Do let us know in the comment box below.

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