Ishqbaaz : The Artist, His Muse And The Play Of Colours – RiKara Holi PHOTO FEATURE


Omkara and Gauri from Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz are set on the path of love. Discovering each other little by litte, they have put life into their story.

The firsts always happen to be very special and Omkara – Gauri’s first holi was special too with the dash of colors. Fondly called ‘RiKara’, in little moments, the two lived to the fullest, with colours glowing all around.

In a splash Om covered his Gauri in the colour of love and the second he proceeded to smear colour on her face, the moment shared between the duo went on to be complete.

The artist and his muse came alive in the glimmer of the shining colours, their love glittering bright.

In every pull and in every hold, from the down cast eyes of hers, to his eyes looking at her, to the looks they shared amidst the play of colours, it was their love that played along with a shining gleam, teasing their hearts and making it beat to a rhythm of its own.

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