Ishqbaaz – The Pros And Cons That The Current Track Of The Show Teach Us About Social Media!

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Star Plus’ popular show Ishqbaaz recently focused its energies upon a track revolving around life, social media and social media being the only way of life.

The way each character’s opinion was sketched around this issue, is really an eye-opener. Being connected on Social Media has both pros and cons and it depends whether you let Social Media over weigh and overrule you, or you hold the reins and know when to draw the distinct line between LIFE and the SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE.

The current track in Ishqbaaz held a lot of teaching and in their own way, they shared a lesson or two about the pros and cons of social media via the medium of their characters.

So as special feature here are the pros and cons teachings Ishqbaaz has taught about the ‘in-thing’ called Social Media – a boon and bane on the same pedestal.


The Pros –

a) It Allows To Express Yourself To The World –

Social media is the easiest way to connect with the outside world. It is this platform that gives you an open field to express what you feel and the way you feel.

Omkara Singh Oberoi is the most guarded brother amidst the Oberoi’s. In front of the world he shunned his wife long before and when time came, he took the help of the same social media platform to express how important his wife is for him.

Sometimes expressing yourself makes you feel lighter. Be it for a person named Omkara, or me, or you and social media gives you exactly that platform.

Where you can speak your mind and sometimes give words to what remains unspoken, the social media is a platform that sets you ‘free’.

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