Ishqbaaz – To The Plans, Past And Pursuing Putter Putter!


Hola lovelies! Hope everyone’s having a great time watching the beloved show these days.

The amount of love overflowing makes it so endearing to watch and the experience had never been enthralling as before in the past span of two years of the show.

Errrr…confused? No need to! We’ll tell you how and why?!


1. Rewinding The Past –

Yeh unnnnnnn dinon ki baat hai, when Saumya made her entry into the Oberoi mansion as Saumya Tendulkar. Cut to present, today we had all the questions answered, all the speculations rest for why Romi was brought in frame, how real was their first marriage, why no struggle was made to demand the Obahu position for Saumya and the story goes on.

So going by the revelations tonight, shall we say that the junior most Oberoi was smart enough or rather lucky enough to escape his destruction just like his brothers too?


P.S – The revelation for Obros was from Tej again. This man should surely come with a warning attached – ‘person is subjected to changes, handle at your own risk!’.

The only person to have a constant and instant reaction and full belief in his cheap stints and the chameleon characteristics is none other than Om and as we always say, he is just viewers’ voice.

His instant expert comments on Tej’s stunts, dil me ekdum tha karke lagta hai mummy kasam! And dear Billu ji, we doubt if you love Anika even more than your Bade Papa now!


P.P.S – All said and done, a question is still nagging at the back of mind. Has Saumya lost touch with maths or was she weak since the beginning or is it that she thinks Oberois are so dumb to believe that one can have a child of 4-5 years even if their time together does not exceed more than two years?! Despite of everything, her confidence must be applauded we say.

But who knows, we might be served with an explanation for that too and after all it’s the game of love after all. The children are a symbol of love, and with the Oberois, one cannot question the reality of situations, because ………sentiments! We have Saumya’s sentiments attached here after all!

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  1. Clearly there is nothing Gul cannot do to shut up the audience!!!

    Everyone talked of Rumya wedding so she turned it fake!!!

    A fake wedding in a TV show is revealed in a month or two but this is the first time that after 2 years they have shown a wedding is fake!!!

    This is just to put down Rumya fans!!!

    Ishqbaaz really needs to shut down now only to show Gul that she is not above the audience!!!!

  2. Vaishu………vaishali di..thank you sooooooo much for coming back…
    We missed you soooooo much..
    Saheliji also did a very good job..
    Now plz don’t leave us…till the end of IB plz plz.
    Just ignore nagative comments..
    Brw Mr Doctor ne pori Doctors ki OMM kar ralhi he.😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂.
    Love you soooooooo much.

  3. As always,beautiful article Vaishali.You have an impeccable sense of humor which makes your articles such an enjoyable read.

    • Seems so unreal…. Both Mystique and Vaishali back together on the same day😘…missed both of you so so much…yay!! happy days are here again…

    • Thank you so much mate.I missed you as well; afterall its not everyday that you get to discuss your favorite show with someone as sensible as you.
      I feel much more fresh now…the small break from this platform helped a lot.
      Would be more active from next week after my exams get over on Sat this week.A lot has happened in IB land and there’s loads to talk about.

      • It’s a huge thank you to you Vaishali for coming back….Doctor Sahiba aap badhey chalo..hum aapkey saath hai..
        The trolling on your article and the super success of the IB quiz only reiterates the point that we shouldn’t bother much about the comments of bependi lotas…much much more power to you Vaishali..always…


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