Ishqbaaz : Top 12 ShivIka Moments From The Week – PHOTO FEATURE

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Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz was on an entertaining high the whole week. And like the cherry on top, it was Shivaay and Anika’s love story that glittered the brightest throughout the week.

In simple moments every scene that featured on Shivaay – Anika spoke volumes of how far they have travelled on the path of love. And it goes without saying it was a ShivIkaLicious week.

From the beginning of the week to its end, Shivaay and Anika basked in the glory of their love and their relationship spread sheer warmth onscreen making hearts turn into a mushy mess.

Right from word go as Shivaay led Anika towards her past, the second she broke down he was there being her anchor of support. Being by her side in her difficult times, he led her to happier times and it was downright beautiful.

As a couple ShivIka have grown leaps and bounds and this week represented just that.

As though love painted on a canvas in vibrant colours, every Shivaay – Anika moment was pure and khidkitod khoobsurat.

Being in love the two shared gorgeous moments and the flight of their ishq soared high. Topped with unconditional support, trust and their Pinky Promises, the icing of their love warmed hearts.

All was and will be good in the magical land of Shivaay – Anika, until they remain SHIVAAY + ANIKA = SHIVIKA.

In a array of stills, view the best moments of Shivaay and Anika in pictures from this week. Start scrolling now and get lost in the fairytale thy the name ‘ShivIka’.


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  1. Awesome story really this was shivika licious week and not only one week there every moment of the journey is khidkitofh khubsoorat they are the one and only the magical jodi ever ever in the whole history world of television


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