Ishqbaaz Trivia – Find Out The Kind Of Fan You Have Been Through The 500 Episodes! – FUN QUIZ

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It’s not only just a normal Monday morning. But it’s the morning of the day Ishqbaaz is going to reach the milestone of 500 episodes!

So this time, we thought of coming up with a fun game! The questions are same – tough and rough, but rather the results may appear to be a little entertaining for you guys.

The scores will decide the kind of fan you are and the that would range from being ‘The True Ashiq’, ‘The Long Distance Lover’, ‘Occasional Ashiq’, ‘Sajan Beimaan’, ‘Sanam Bewafa’ and  ‘Bairi Piya’. 

If you found the terms funny, then read on for more!

So the game goes like this – You answer the 20 questions and if you score anything between 18-20, you are the ‘True Ashiq’ of Ishqbaaz.

If you score anything between 14-17, you are a ‘Long Distance Lover’ of Ishqbaaz.

If the score is anywhere between 10-13, you are the ‘Occasional Ashiq’ of the show.

If you score between 7 to 9, you are ‘Sajan Beimaan’!

If your score stands anywhere in between 4-6, you are ‘Sanam Bewafa’!

And if it’s 3 or below, you are ‘Bairi Piya’!

The results have been personalised just for fun! Kindly take the results in a funny way only without getting offended.

Whatever be the results, be happy and celebrate the fact that you have remained with the show as an ardent viewer of it for 500 illustrious episodes so far and you continue to wish another 500 for the show!

Best of luck and have a happy day ahead!

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