Ishqbaaz : Welcome The New Oberoi Beti – Bubbly!


So let’s get back to revision.

Subject – Ishqbaaz
Book – Obro’s Bubbly (Day 5)
Chapters – As Per Below

1. Bubbly Benakaab –

With finally the guessing game between Daadi and Rudy, Bubbly finally managed to appear in full flesh and blood in front of everyone and voila! We have another round of WWE on whose raja beta be the shareefest prani!

Amidst the debate, the entire focus shifts to the Obros as they decide to take the matter in their hands, claiming to be responsible enough to have accepted the truth (Okay ! That was a bit too much to take and we would tell you how).

Well we have certain complains from Daadi today for sure because as far as elders as concerned, she is the only one who can be considered valid.

And dearest Daadi, you question Anika about Shivaay, when they are no longer even husband and wife. Even if they are inseparable still with a great deal of some unsaid understandings amidst them, it makes sense for Shivaay to have given a clear justification to Anika about the child. We will get to know whether that is the case at a later stage may be.


Secondly, nobody is considering Gauri worthy enough to have an opinion on the same and it is beyond our understanding why she is not even asked once when technically she and Omkara are the only married couple in the house right now. Not even Daadi or Jhanvi bothered to once talk it out with her.

With her expressions emitting some hurt at Omkara’s past surfacing up, she was equally liable to have been asked her opinion about the same too.

On the contrary, it’s unbelievable how a man like SSO who always claims to have the michmichi of knowing things and digging about even the smallest of information about petty things, is not bothering at all about the baby’s whereabouts, her mother for that matter even and is all fine with accepting and bringing her up as his beti.


Billu ji, we would really like to know what changed your ideals of naam khoon khandaan in a day or we seriously hope that Khanna is already being sent to some secret mission.

Also Omkara being a man who has always been sensitive towards other’s feelings is not even finding it necessary to confront Gauri about her feelings in the entire scenario nor does he seems even a bit apologetic, just in case if she turns about to be his daughter.


The way too easy going attitude of everyone on such a crucial matter was quite unnerving to witness for once despite of the unity that Obros have already displayed affectionately without a fail.

P.S. – There isn’t any need of DNA test anyway, the results are bound to get manipulated in the hands of some for sure!

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  1. Dear !! Yes !! Much valid on Anika and Shivay quotient as well Om and Gauri!! Om needs to explain Gauri. Shivay … he is altar with his own actions … last morning he and his ex had discussions and arguments and such a big thing happened and he still raises his voice ?? On what grounds !!!

    I now feel somehow what naam Khoon khandhan proud can this SSO can really show when his own family is full having a sheer gatiya khoon!!! His father double crossed two women his wife and another lady !! His father brother is an womanizer and his mom has become a pshyco for him that she never bothered to torture some other girl !!! And alas now a baby has claimed itself and came home for a name !!!

    Stop showing SSO like this again and again !!! Every one learns from past!! This man never does !!

    And to the CVs or whoever corncened …. don’t give this kind of precap that too in weekend …. hate chemistry and fight between shivika is much better than this another girl who has come

    • True Vidya.They have made shivaay’s character most dumbest of all.People learn from their previous mistakes but this man seems stupid and loves to do the same mistake again and again.He has all time to hear out ragini’s lies and bear her magarmach ki aasoon and take some concern for her but he has no time to understand anika’s actions and her words.


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