Ishqbaaz : With Cupids Galore, It Is Love Calling For Omkara And Gauri!


One Endures Pain, The Other Feels It

The chiraiyya had come back to where her heart resides yet caught in misunderstandings Gauri was all set to go away from Omkara.

But as they say the heart seeks the heart and walked right in Omkara to the place where Gauri was.

In a glimpse a unknown connect was formed, while one was trying to know who she was, the other was trying to keep her identity hidden from him.


Though Omkara was not aware that it was Gauri, yet seeing her dupatta on fire he rushed to help her. Thus began the chase with Gauri running away from Om and him just behind her.

The scene depicted that Gauri might as well try to run away from their relationship, but this time Omkara is not letting go.

Enduring pain for Gauri, though he did not know the woman he was saving was her, he took her share of pain, while his pain reflected in the drop of tear flowing down her eyes!

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