Ishqbaaz : With Shivika And Taj – Whatever Is Real, You Don’t See It And What You See Isn’t Real!


We have seen the gorillas and tigers and even crocodiles gracing the Indian TV episodes and with naagin ruling them, all we can say is the competition is getting tough between the animal kingdom these days but guess which titli is making everyone dance to her tunes in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz currently? Yes you heard that right.

This beautiful new titli known as Nancy has been bewitching the most powerful and intimidating men in the show till now and the fun ride it’s turning out to be, this tale of all new magician and his magician is an intriguing one!

As much as the suspense and thrill is building up, the comic relief with these new entrants is more than enough to glue the viewers to their seats and enjoy the all new sequence.


1. The new titli in the house is devouring two phools at the moment and we must say Billu Ji being her new obsession isn’t surprising at all considering how our Billu Ji has been everyone’s eye candy forever.

Wondering if one can leave a hot shot magician of a husband but then this titli is a bit experimental it seems.

After all the sight of two dapper men at once can be deceiving, right?!


Must say Nancy’s seducing skills should be appreciated for the way the lady has dared to tower over Shivaay Singh Oberoi, clinging onto him time and again and the speed with which Billu Ji’s kurta’s buttons flew away, it took poor Anika 600 episodes to reach there and we were afraid if Billu Ji would even have his izzat intact after that!

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  1. Thank you so much Vaishali to be back with your episodic articles on keep them coming regularly now please..
    It seems like if you are an Oberoi or married to one, the ability to forgive and forget comes in truckloads…no wonder the entire gang has forgiven Nancy and Annika has forgotten what galat Shivaay did…but anyways it would be very interesting to see how the murder mystery pans out though there is little mystery left in this whodunit…
    P. S. It’s kulhari pe pair marna☺️..but nevertheless whether it’s patthar or pair, Oberois have great expertise in aa bail mujhe maar😜


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