Ishqbaaz – Ishqbaazi Begins Full Blown Between Couples ; What We Are Loving About The Current Track!

Ishqbaaz Feature

The current track of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz is revolving around Gayatri’s murder case, Shivaay and Anika slowly building up love story, Rudra and Saumya’s friendship conflicts, a mystery involving Omkara and Prinku and new equation forming between the ACP and Prinku, albeit deliberately.

At present all the pivotal characters are at the center point making it very interesting for the viewers watching the show.

It’s the “more the merrier” scenario in the show currently, where all main tracks are going on in full swing and one by one some old loops are being closed with new ones being opened.

Ishqbaazi is also on full swing for the three couples – Shivaay – Anika, Rudra – Saumya and ACP – Prinku. For Omkara there seems to be still time for his true and real Ishqbaazi to begin properly. For now his is on its way to a much needed closure with Riddhima.

These are the things we are loving about the current track in the show:


Realistic development of Shivaay and Anika’s Equation

Their equation comes across as the usual star crossed lovers kind template, however, it’s the way its being handled, developed and nurtured which is making all the difference for ShiVika equation. There is some kind of awareness between them with regards to their feelings for each other, but the way they are acting upon it, their reactions, their denials, them not consciously wanting to go forward with it are being shown and portrayed in a very believable manner.

It’s very natural for their characters to behave the way they are and also the way their characters are being shown going through various emotions and confusions during this time and how they are handling it all. It’s very real and interestingly enjoyable. We are being shown their natural progression with regards to their feelings and knowing each other better in a step by step form which is good.

They are still in the process of falling in love with each other, but still aren’t there yet.

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