Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Review (11th june to 15th June 2012)


Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon…Recently the show is getting a lot of focus due to the reason that the lead character of the show is absent from the show for quite sometime now, because the actor playing ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’ in ‘Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, Mr. Barun Sobti is busy shooting for his first feature film.But nevertheless, it’s a fact that the Creative’s (CV’s) of the show should be given due credit for giving the audience a very gripping kidnapping track. A track which has hooked the audience quite well even when the audience’s favourite character ‘ASR’ is missing .Must as well say that this  may be the first Drama on Indian Television which is pulling off the absence of its lead character very well. The story is moving forward without too much of the filler element & that is something which is commendable for sure.This week, the episodes were sad, exciting & shocking altogether. Arnav’s fight with the goons was a treat to the fans but at the same time his being shown at the feet of Shyam, erupted a lot of rage among people. Barun Sobti’s action sequences could gain a lot of appreciation and he stood out to be the “New Action Hero of the Small Screen”. Abhaas Mehta as Shyam proved that may be at the current date he is the best villain on TV. His introduction sequence as the ‘Real Face Behind The Kidnapping’ telecasted earlier this week was a well shot scene & the credit for this definitely goes to the DOP, Director and the Editor of the show.

Karan Goddwani as NK re-entered the serial and took active part in helping Khushi (the lead protagonist) in the investigation of finding her ‘Arnav Jii’. NK had always been a very lovable character to the fans and his presence in the serial has been very encouraging. His and Khushi’s bond gives a very positive feel to the current track of the show.

Khushi  seems to have become quite desperate to get her husband back safe & sound & in order to make sure she is successful in her mission she has started manipulating Shyam too, proving to the audience that she definitely is ‘Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada’. But it is also visible that the manipulating game ahead is slowly becoming more dangerous for Khushi as for now Shyam seems to be a step ahead of her. Hope with the backing of NK ,  Khushi will be able to safeguard herself & bring her husband back home safely.

The week was quite entertaining, the last episode of the week which aired on Friday 15th June 2012, gave the fans  another “Phone Conversation” between Arnav and Khushi ,which again was a turning point as it marks the start of the most talked about track, ‘The Redemption Track’ in the show. In this phone conversation Arnav made it clear to Khushi as to how ‘Sorry’ he was for every unjust deed he has done to her. This indeed was very heart-warming to see.After the “I Love You” phone call this was the “I am sorry” call from Arnav to Khushi, ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’. Looks like this man wants to confess the most awaited & important confessions of his life via the medium of a phone call only, wonder if he would ever say a word to ‘His Khushi’ when they meet face to face with their reunion on the cards. Well, in the process of using these technical devices to confess feelings, our beloved ASR is creating a lot of hype & the demand for ‘Phone I Love You’s’ from a girl to a guy is on a rise in real. Yes it is good to see ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’ talking his mind & heart to his wife,  but the audiences still are waiting for Khushi to open her mind & speak her heart out to her ‘Arnav Jii’. Though, when Arnav & Khushi talked on the phone certain bit of it remained unheard, where Arnav did not seem to listen to Khushi saying that ‘Shyam is the man behind the kidnapping fiasco’. Hopefully all the heard & unheard things will clear off in the next week, without giving rise to new misunderstandings & hopefully Arnav Khushi or ‘ARHI’, will finally reunite &  surely the coming week promises to be more interesting, probably with Khushi, NK and Arnav all in action. It is surely something to watch out for. Way to go IPKKND!!!



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