Iss TRP Tension Ko Hum Kya Naam De?


Wednesdays for the Indian Television industry are like that of Fridays for the Bollywood film industry, as Wednesday is the day when the Television Rating Points, in short the TRPs are out. Fans all over the media portals wait impatiently till Wednesday to know how well their shows are performing in the TRP ladder. Today is yet another Wednesday, but it seems that the TRP charts released are confusing the fans by not giving them an accurate information, leaving the audience in bewilderment.This is what seems to have irked one of the Topmost show’s fanbase and probably the most internationally acclaimed show Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?.The fanbase of the show is currently facing this puzzling situation because of the misrepresentation of TRPs. Today, in the morning when the TRP chart was out, there was an uproar among the IPKKND fans regarding their favorite show’s TRP wondering about the drop from ‘3.4’ to ‘2’ suddenly.This probably marked the biggest drop of the show in the TRP charts especially when the show is giving the audience what they want, with Shyam’s exit & Arnav Khushi’s relationship growing steadily.

Moreover, some online sites stated that the show gained a TRP of 2.0 chagrin the fans to further aggression. The Script writer Gautam Hegde and Actor Karan Goddwani (NK in Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doo?) confirmed on twitter that the show has been able to acquire an Average TRP of 3.0 for the week. Script writer Gautam Hegde tweeted in the morning saying, “Avg TRP is 3 for the week. It becomes 2.8 if we count Maha Episode that scored 2. Chalo bk to work now! “. In spite of the repeated confirmations, the concerned sites are unwilling to change the related TRP figure.

It is very shocking and alarming that even a popular show like IPKKND is facing the baffling TRP reports. It is high time that the TRP reporting sites should give authenticated information & give the readers credible news from reliable and confirmed sources without misleading the viewers of any show.

We at Fuze stand by IPKKND Lovers & hope that such kind of misrepresentation does not happen again.

Stay Tuned To Fuze For More Updates!!!!

Author Saheli Goswami

Editor Surya Ravi


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