It’s #9YearsOfNavya And Shaheer Sheikh Shares The Picture While Fans Make It Trend!

Shaheer Sheikh And Saumya Seth In Navya Rain Sequence
Shaheer Sheikh And Soumya Seth In Navya

Shaheer Sheikh and Soumya Seth starrer ‘Navya’ which aired back in 2011 marks its 9 years today.

One of the most popular shows to have aired back then, this one with its strong characters of Anant and Navya managed to break the societal stereotypes and shatter the shackles of patriarchy with a much admirable and inspirational male lead coming into frame.

The show with a love story very beautifully revolving around the two with it heading out in right direction with progressive thoughts surely made a mark and its fan following still speaks a lot.

To celebrate the milestone and one of the most iconic shows, the fans of the lead actor of the show, Shaheer Sheikh took on Twitter to trend #9YearsOfNavya and succeeding in doing so!

The handsome actor also shared a throwback picture of himself and actress Soumya Seth from the show, on his Instagram with the same hashtag!

Cheers to one of the most brilliantly executed and written shows from the Star Plus kitty! Here’s congratulating the entire cast and team of the show for being a part of a game changer.

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