Jai Ho A Deliberate Flop – Salman Khan Always On Target

Salman Khan
Jai Ho
Salman Khan
Jai Ho A Deliberate Flop – Salman Khan Always On Target

Salman Khan’s Jai Ho earned 100 crores worldwide on its fourth day itself. Still so much of hullabaloo about the movie. Why?

Salman Khan Always On Target

Whether it is the Saifai event or kite flying with Narendra Modi, whatever he does is always taken negatively. Among all the actors of Bollywood, he is the most evil, bad guy and always portrayed by media in a way which depicts him as the spoilt brat of the industry. But ask anyone who is from this industry and you will get a complete different answer. Even for all the right reasons he is wronged in some way or the other.

Jai Ho – Below Expectations

Jai Ho didn’t satisfy the critics. They thrashed the movie left, right and center. But since when Salman Khan was ever involved in sensible, thoughtful movies? If Jai Ho has unbelievable stunts and punches with a shirtless Salman then is it something new to criticise about? Every Salman Khan movie has those larger than life features. In fact, it is his trademark. If people didn’t criticise all these before, why all of a sudden it’s a matter to point out now? Salman Khan always did movies for single screen theatre going audiences i.e. the mass audience. Why are people suddenly reacting as if he has replaced Aamir Khan and are expecting some sensible, parallel cinema kind of features in a complete masala movie? Was Dabangg entirely a sensible movie?

Salman Khan
Jai Ho

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What If Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 Didn’t Release Before Jai Ho?

Suppose, Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 didn’t release before Jai Ho. And Jai Ho still went on to earn 100 crores worldwide on its 4th day. Would people still have deliberately thrown the tag of Jai Ho being below expectations, failed and flop movie? It’s just that people are too busy comparing it with the previous two releases of the other two Khans. And Jai Ho being a Salman Khan movie, as usual is suffering because of all the forced negative publicity.

Salman Khan
Khan Movies

Critic’s Review – How much it affects Box Office?

Did Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela got rave reviews? The answer is No. Even Chennai Express didn’t get any overwhelming kind of review. Still both the movies entered the 100 crore club and crashed the records. But none of the movies were actually publicised this much under negative light. But in case of Jai Ho, some people are behaving as if the movie has earned some unbelievably low numbers at the box office and has vanished from the theatres on its very second day.

100 Crores on its fourth day inspite of lowest ticket prices

It’s fact that sensible movies in India do not touch the mark of 100 crores. Larger than life and dramatised materials in a script engages the common public (precisely single screen theatre goers) more. Anyone can earn 500 crores by charging tickets at Rs 900 (Dhoom 3), but it’s definitely a big deal to earn 100 crores on its fourth day with ticket prices fixed at almost 50% less than the original price. The question here is not whether the film is good or bad, the question here is why the unnecessary hullabaloo as if it’s the country’s first insensible movie? Point to be noted, Jai Ho had a better opening in many small cities like Lucknow (even with such low priced tickets) if compared to Dhoom 3. The ticket prices are much lower than both Chennai Express and Dhoom 3.

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