Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Prisoners” Captivates

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Fall is the time for Jake Gyllenhaal to rise. The actor, who plays hotshot cop in Denis Villeneuve‘s “Prisoners” hit the home run with this one. The masterfully crafted movie is one to set standards high for both its actors and director. Written by Aaron Guzikowski and beautiful cinematography in leafless autumn shades by Roger Deakins, “Prisoners” is set in crisp and cozy setting of suburban Pennsylvania.

Two families are sharing the Thanksgiving holiday when their youngest kids — six-year-old Anna (Erin Gerasimovich) and seven-year-old Joy (Kyla Drew Simmons)– wander outside to look for a missing toy. Police begin their search in the deserted suburb leading to suspicious focuses on a driver, who has a truck parked nearby the property. As a result of rising suspicions, a young man (Paul Dano)  is arrested and questioned. Unfortunately, the man is mentally disabled and has no clue about the whereabouts of the girls. Then a dead body is found in an elderly priest’s basement, and a second young man, with a nervous manner and a haunted look, shows up at a vigil for the missing children and runs away into the night. False leads and shadowy connections accumulate, without any trace of Anna. At this point it has become difficult to tell whether she is in fact dead or live.

Hugh Jackman as Kelly Dover, the distraught father of one of the abductees, is phenomenal. It is almost as if he is not a character but an actual person. Gyllenhaal, as Detective Loki, completely emerges himself into the role of a typical suburban cop with a go-getter attitude.

Guzikowski‘s brilliant script digs deep into both the truths and stigmas associated with child abduction. Depsite having presented such a heavy handed topic, the story moves fast enough to keep audiences entertained. Whether you are a fan of crime-thrillers or not, this is one movie you would not want to miss. Fuze gives Prisoners a 4.5/5.

Author: Diana Lydia

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