Jamai 2.0 Is A Blockbuster With Nia Sharma, Ravi Dubey And Achint Kaur Nailing The Game!


In a very smart move by the vineyards production and the renowned producer Ashvini Yardi and after a lot of persuasion from the fans of Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma aka Sidni, came the news of return of the duo after 3 years with Jamai 2.0.

While this time the trio of Achint Kaur, Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma were all set to make it limited in the web space, little did we knew that this small invasion by them would create a roar as big as a Bollywood blockbuster flick.

This one’s the first show in long which is said to be a reloaded version of its TV one but on web this time and here’s what all is bound to get to hooked to it –

Nia Sharma In Jamai Raja 2.0

1. The Exotic Locations – Watching the shoot locations set up in Puducherry was in itself an unspoken delight while watching the series. It paved a huge relief from the bungalows and havelis that rule our Indian TV in the usual scenario. The blend of beaches, clubs, rustic and a few contemporary fashioned sites was a plus one on this series.

Ravi Dubey In Jamai Raja 2.0

2. The Cast And Their Wonders – There’s no wonder why the trivial trio fits in the bill too aptly for the makers. Ravi Dubey, the joker in the game here aka Siddharth is a master player. His role is meaty and executed to ‘full power’ as the actor says it. The man has aced it and how! His portrayal of Siddharth has been impeccably impressive and he looks like the version of television’s perfectionist.

Achint Kaur In Jamai Raja 2.0

Achint Kaur as Durga Devi Patel aka DD is a blast! She is feisty and fiery and the way she emotes her character with so much grace and poise makes you believe that she is a queen indeed with all the experience and art in hand.

Nia Sharma In Jamai 2.0

Coming to the sensuous Nia Sharma ,her looks are as always stunning. In contrast to the other two, as Roshni she is calm and Nia has beautifully maintained a balance between Roshni’s emotional and practical side. Her demeanor and toned performance is applaudable. Among the rest of the cast Sudhanshu Pandey will make you root for him.

The entire cast in addition has been on point and there’s no way one can point out even a minor glitch with respect to anyone’s portrayal.

Jamai 2.0

3. The DD-SIDDHARTH equation – There’s no wonder why everyone loved the duo’s equation more than the hero and heroine’s in the television’s Jamai Raja. Ravi Dubey and Achint Kaur are effortlessly natural and their timing with each other and that is what glues you the most. The duo knows where to hit the chord right and it does for sure!

Jamai 2.0

4. The Re-Emergence Of Siddharth And Roshni – Hot, hotter and hottest is how they have progressed. From their extreme comfort level in emotional scenes to the blazing intensity in the lip locks, Sidni are here to spill the charm again and you can’t help but fall for them straight!

Jamai 2.0 5. The Production And Direction – The show is nothing like an Indian TV daily soap. From the production to the direction, there’s everything top notch and we would surely love to have this stuff coming alive on the small screen in near future too!

Jamai 2.06. The Storyline And Execution –
There’s a great deal of suspense and build up that keeps the viewers glued and at the edge of their seats all the while at it.

The execution is as good as real and nothing looks exaggerated or blown out of proportion.

For a few out there, the ending might be a sort of cliffhanger. Roshni’s sudden and spontaneous falling in love with Siddharth was the only thing that might catch you off guard.

Weighing the rest, Jamai 2.0 is a cult series based out of television soap characters and after watching it we would only recommend you to give it a try for sure for you’d be bowled over by the boldness, blast of talent and will experience an adventure on its own.

How we wish if Indian TV soaps come with a season 2, then it should be like this.
This series has set a new benchmark indeed for the makers to seek a level when coming up with revised editions of the previous classics.


  1. Ravi and Achint Kaur are fab!!!

    The story is nice!!!

    The locales makes me want to go there!!!

    But why is Roshni always a misfit in her family??


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