Jamai Raja Season 2 : A Pool Of Insensible And Illogical Twists And Turns – Not For Sane Audience Anymore!

Siddharth And Roshni - Jamai Raja
Siddharth And Roshni - Jamai Raja
Siddharth And Roshni - Jamai Raja
Siddharth And Roshni – Jamai Raja

There is saying in Hindi – “Apne pair pe khud kulhadi marna” and it perfectly goes with Jamai Raja’s creative team. Words might fall short to describe their kindness and how destructive they have gone to execute the entire season 2.

Rape attempts, drugs, physical abuse, psycho characters, extreme intimacy and negativity, end number of marriages, third angles and divorce are some of the most applied formulas of Jamai Raja creatives and I should applaud them for calling it a family show after all this and always climbing the ladder in going as low as possible.

Lately there was a rumour of Jamai Raja going off air which definitely disturbed the leftover diehard fans. But soon it was put to rest by the creatives and actors mentioning in their tweets that #Sidni are not going anywhere. It surely brought a smile on the face of fans who watch the show only to see their favorites as lets not talk about their unique storytelling which was killed and destroyed long back. The only reason fans continued watching was #Sidni but they decided to destroy the core relationship of the show by getting Roshni married to Neel. This came as a biggest shock to a lot of fans. I really don’t understand how can the producers and creatives destroy their own show? Now the same fans of the show who always hooted for the show are praying for the show to go off air. This is the result of their destruction!

The producer of Jamai Raja kept assuring fans with her tweet #Eternal love #SidNi. How can you call it #Eternal which means immortal, endless, permanent, imperishable? Probably they have a different meaning to it. If you care about your audience then dont give them false hopes and asking for feedback because at the end you will do what gets you is TRPs and business (just to enlighten their TRP is been dipping with this new season!). Do they understand if a fan watches a show for 2 years, she attaches her emotions,time, love only to see one day their favorite couple getting destroyed and seeing their cross marriage.

Coming to the most disgusting scene of Ragini (oops Roshni I am confused just like her character!) and Neel. What was the makers trying to show us? Neel being the guy who only got married to Roshni to get physical and intimate with her whereas Roshni is some doormat or abla Nari who is letting him do whatever he wants only to reach a point where she gives up and stops him and then comes her most hideous dialogue “Siddharth only you can touch me”. I cant explain the disgusting scenes Jamai Raja creatives love to show on screen without knowing that it might hurt the sentiments of those who watched this show for their favorite Jamai Siddharth and their favorite couple #Sidni. Definitely it looks like a purposeful attempt by the producers, creatives to get as much hatred as possible for them and in a way a character portrayal reflects on the actor too and they do get bashed in the process. Showing your female lead in a modern attire and then portraying her as a doormat is not called women empowerment!

Jamai Raja
Roshni Patel (Ragini Desai) – Jamai Raja

Ragini as a character seems like the one who was confused from the beginning. She started off with season 2 as a heartless and strong headed girl but eventually turned a confused soul. After all, she is still Roshni who is one of the most emotional and immature characters but one thing which always remained in her is her dignity, her self respect and her love for her husband Siddharth in season 1.

As we say she has never learnt from her mistakes. She got married to Neel just because she had doubt on Siddharth moving on. Like seriously how can a girl be so dumb and stupid? After what all Siddharth has done for her she still gets influenced and manipulated by people! After she getting almost intimate with the man she never loved she is solely responsible for crushing and destroying SidNi relationship. She’s playing with the man around and have no sympathy from my side. So if Neil gets rude tomorrow and she has to give in, she’ll happily go ahead in consummating the marriage! If makers wanted to destroy them then why did she fight with Kunal who she convinced was her husband and also Yash? Definitely this is not the Roshni who loved Siddharth. She is one lost soul who is ready to do anything to keep her current husband happy and content and may take his physical abuse too.

Siddharth Khurana, his kindness (Mahanta) has reached to a level which is beyond a tolerating level of human being. When he came to know Roshni has got married, why didn’t he go and speak to her that he is not the biological father of Ananya? Why is he continuing to be a Godfather which eventually destroyed his and Roshni’s life? One thing which still remains positive in him is his love for Roshni and we respect you for always being a true lover to Roshni.

I am not here to beg them to reunite Sidni (as they are eternally destroyed), I am not here to ask them to change their story line and I am not here to be their fan. I would just tell them all the bestJamai Raja as the fans now only wish to see how more low the makers will fall in name of ‘family show’ as it seems something else to us now.

By – Priyanka

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