Jennifer Winget About Beyhadh 2 : Never In Our Wildest Dreams Did We Think That We Will Come Back!

Jennifer Winget At Beyhadh 2 Launch

Beyhadh season 2 starring Jennifer Winget, Ashish Chowdhry and Shivin Narang will be starting this December 2nd 2019. The show will be replacing Kaun Banega Crorepati at the 9 pm slot of Sony TV.

At the launch of the show, speaking about how the second season will be different from the first season of Beyhadh, Jennifer Winget said,”The first season was all about Maya’s obsession with love. The second season is all about her obsession with revenge. The obsession part is the same. She is as obsessed as one can be. I assure you this season is going to be darker, scarier, crazier and much much more intense.”

One of the promo of Beyhadh 2 shows Maya taking up a leaf from Mahabharat and mentioning how Mahabharat will restart this time without Krishna. Producer Prateek Sharma went on to clarify the conection of the show with Gita. “If you want to attain salvation (moksh), Ramayan is the way. And if you want to achieve your motive (maksad), Bhagvad Gita is to be followed. Maya has Bhagvad Gita in her hand because that defines her philosophy. How she thinks, what she wants to do, everything and every question is there in the Gita”, he said.

Maya has always been a very intense and complex character to play on screen. When asked how she manages to switch on and off from such a character, she said, “I am an actor. It is very easy for me to switch on and switch off, thankfully. Though there are certain scenes that kind of shake you. I think as an actor I do enjoy this process of getting into a character and then getting out of it. I think as actors we thrive on that, right? And the very fact that, specially on TV, you don’t get to play characters like that so I consider myself extremely lucky blessed to have been given this opportunity time and again.”

Jennifer Winget also talked how the success of Beyhadh season 1 was unprecedented to the team and how the season 2 was a complete unplanned event. “Season 1 of Beyhadh was a trial and error process for the team. Writing such a complex character on TV, executing it and the way people loved it, we were very apprehensive whether it will work or not work. But it did! Season 2 kya, humko to yeh laga tha ki yeh (season 1) to chal le! Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we will come back!”, she concluded.



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