Jennifer Winget Gets Trolled On Instagram For The Silliest Reason Ever!

Jennifer Winget
Jennifer Winget

The fact that social media can be a boon and bane isn’t unknown to any now. While a matter of great importance gets undivided attention on social media, a matter of no importance too gets its share of unnecessary limelight.

A similar incident took place recently with Jennifer Winget. The actress posted a picture of herself from the sets of Bepannaah, her show on Colors.

In the picture, Jennifer is kneading dough. She captioned the picture saying, “Can’t be done with your hands in your pockets. Sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty to get the job done. #bepannaah”

While its basic common sense to understand that the line, “You have to get your hands dirty to get the job done”, was used just as a metaphor by Jennifer, some people took it as an offense and blamed her for calling food items ‘dirty’ as she is kneading dough in the picture.

Unnecessarily the actor got trolled on Instagram as people blew the context of her post out of proportion.

The picture is an off screen moment from the sets of Bepannaah and currently the show is airing Ramadan special episodes on Colors!

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