Jodha Akbar : Jalal Praying For Jodha’s Well-Being – Highlight Of The Day

Jodha Akbar

‘Highlight Of The Day’ is the section where we bring to you the scene or episode of a particular show that was the most attention gaining/attractive episode or scene from the previous day which made the viewers glued to their screens.

Highlight Of The Day –

Yesterday in  Jodha Akbar one witnessed Jodha battling for her life. While Jalal is all worried, he prays to the Almighty to keep his Jodha Begum safe. One’s heart really goes out to him while seeing him broken. During his prayer Jalal finally reveals that ‘He cannot live without Jodha’. The scene where a ‘Shahenshah’ is bowing down in front of Divine power and with Jalal thinking about his past moments with Jodha, this emotional scene was indeed moving and heart touching. Thus Jodha Akbar makes its way for being our highlight of the day.

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Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar

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