Jodha Akbar : Ruqaiyya Hell-Bent On Endangering Hussain’s Life

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Jodha Akbar
Jodha Akbar

Tension rise on Zee TV’s historic drama Jodha Akbar as Ruqaiyaa (Lavina Tandon) resorts to her evil ways.

While the empire is pleased to have the tax on Hindus abolished, the nation’s very own Hindu Empress is going through a tough phase of her life. As per the pact between Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Ruqaiyya, one of her twins will be raised under the watch of Ruqaiyya, who is unable to bear children.

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Keeping her word, Jodha hands over her son Hussain to the queen, who is later considered unworthy of raising a child. In previous episodes, audiences witnessed that Ruqaiyya was unable to handle the pressure of the new born baby. As Ruqaiyya attempts to quiet the child, Jodha, who hears her son’s cry, enters her harem. She cradles Hussain in her arms in order to cajole him to sleep. When Ruqaiyya learns of the incident, she gets furious. She advises Jodha to keep away from Hussain as the attachment could prove to be a fatal one.

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Adding to the worries, Jalal’s (Rajat Tokas) cousin Mirza Qasim arrives with gifts for the Mughal heirs. As part of their gift, Mirza Qasim suggests that his wife Zeenat stay back as Hussain’s caretaker. Ruqaiyya who is already fed up with the baby immediately takes to the idea and also convinces Jalal of the same.

However it turns out that Mirza Qasim has sent his wife with a hidden agenda, the murder of the Mughal heirs.They will repeatedly keep hatching new plans to murder the two newborns.

Will Jodha dish out this plan in time? What will come of the Mughal heirs?

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