Join Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya In The Crime Patrol Satark Women Against Crime Series! – Goosebumps Guaranteed! Promo Out!

Divyanka Tripathi in Crime Patrol Satark Women Againt Crime

The immensely talented and very beautiful actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is going to be back on our television screens next week with SONY TV’ Crime Patrol Satark “Women Against Crime” series. The Promo was released yesterday on the occasion of Divyanka’s birthday and it guarantees goosebumps!

Promo has Divyanka in a hot off the fire look doing something she has never done before. which is, Rapping! Yes, this pretty lady never fails to amaze us with her extraordinary hidden talents. The lyrics of the rap and the way Divyanka delivers each word and emotes them through her eyes is soul-stirring to say the least.

We have already seen in The Voice how vivaciously charming Divyanka is as a host but hosting a crime show is an all new thing and a responsibility which we believe Divyanka can shoulder with ease because we all know, how impassioned she is about the issues that concerns women and children!

We would like to mention, we cannot get over the fact that how apt and relevant the lyrics of the rap are and you would definitely agree with us once you listen to it and just to make it a bit more easy for you, here are the lyrics –

मरती कभी कोख में,
लुटती कभी चौक में,
दो दिन का शोक बस
दुनिया रखती स्टाॅक में।

जाग, जाग नारी तू,
आग, आग नारी तू।

चीख, चीख, चीख मत,
मांग, मांग भीख मत।
अगर लगे सही ना कुछ,
बोल उसे ठीक मत।

जाग, जाग नारी तू,
आग, आग नारी तू।

एक दूसरे की अब ढाल बन तू हो खड़ी,
लाखों हार जाएंगे अब भी जो तू ना लड़ी।

जाग, जाग नारी तू,
आग, आग नारी तू।

Now, listen to it, watch the Promo below –

Felt the goosebumps? We certain did!

Stay tuned to Fuze for more updates!


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