JUST IN- Shaheer Sheikh Posts A Super Sexy Video For His Fans!

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

Our Sony’s Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi lead star Shaheer Sheikh is off to Indonesia yet again for his shoot, however, this time has done some thing really rewarding for his fans from there.

For all the constant love and appreciation they keep showering on him for his on screen character Dev Dixit and his performance, this gift from him for his fans is something to drool over and fantasize about the actor.

Seeing Dev Dixit as in his current onscreen character in something like that or doing something like that is honestly far fetched, out of character, but not really impossible.

Still wondering what we are talking about? Well Shaheer recently posted a video of his from Indonesia on Instagram profile.

In a really cool and swoon worthy avatar, climbing on a bike and riding it which looked more like an ad shoot for the particular Bike.

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

However, ours and the fans main interest of Subject looked absolutely dashing and way different from his on screen character. To be precise he looked all sorts of sexy and desirable and so was the video.

The actor was totally showing off his bike riding skills, also video was taken in slow-mo giving it a dramatic effect. A total deliberate move to make his fans drool at him more and shower him with some more love.

But we aren’t complaining. Are we? These kind of videos are always welcome. Some more of them please Shaheer. None of us would mind. What say Shaheer fans?

So fans if you haven’t already seen this uber sexy video of your favorite Shaheer Sheikh then have look at his Insta post below:


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